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    In terms of a first generation iPod Touch with iOS 3, I can be playing solitaire, open another app, come back to solitaire a week later and the game is right where it was. The apps open fast as well.

    It doesn't bother me at all that it doesn't have cards.
    Agreed. And intelligent power management, turning off WiFi to save power for weeks on end (can be done under webOS using homebrew hacks). And better bluetooth implementation (higher bit-rate for audio). And nice hardware-accelerated UI with no tearing/v-sync issues.

    Apple has a really polished product, but as far as productivity does, for me, nothing beats webOS as far as one-handed multitasking goes. iOS (in the form of a 2nd gen iPod Touch) for me is just a reminder of how webOS is still a bit raw, rough around the edges, what it could have been if there were a bigger R&D budget.
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    I still think the Treo line was by far better at one handed operation than the Pre or Pixi.

    I went from a Treo 600 to a 755P to a Pre minus, took the pre back, used my 755P until the screen got a little goofy and then got a Pixi.

    WebOS, while razzle dazzle, is a step backwards to me.

    I don't love it, I simply like it.
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