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    WebOS used to be great! 👎

    Pre, Veer and now iPhone. Since HP killed WebOS.
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    Sounds like Yahoo decided to necro last year's news...


    Scott H • 1 day 10 hours ago
    No artist makes money on their records rather the touring. He decided to sell out years ago lending his name to some brand of beef jerky. If this app had his pic or played his music, i might understand but this is just greed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bryan low
    DUO Residences is also near to Bugis Junction as well as the buzzling city area. Entertainment for your loved ones and friends is therefore at your fingertips with the full condo facilities as well as the amenities in Bugis.
    DUO Residences
    Quote Originally Posted by forestvillec
    Several buses are available near Forestville EC along with shopping centers and restaurants. Forestville EC is also near Causeway Point as well as Woodlands Waterfront. Entertainment for your loved ones and friends are therefore at your fingertips with the full condo facilities as well as the amenities near Forestville EC.
    Forestville EC will be accessible with Woodlands MRT station & Admiralty MRT station. It is also near to Vista Point Shopping Mall, Causeway Point Shopping Mall, Cold Storage, Shop N Save, and many more.
    Woodlands EC
    Quote Originally Posted by skyparkresidence
    Skypark Residences is also near elite schools such as Singapore American School, Wellington Primary School, Canberra Primary School and Endeavour Primary School.
    It is also near to Singapore Sports School and Innova Junior College.
    Skypark Residences
    Quote Originally Posted by theglade
    The Glades will be accessible via the Tanah Merah MRT Station (EW4) on the East-West Line.
    The Glades Tanah Merah
    Quote Originally Posted by Neetu Chauhan2
    Search Engine Optimization (SEOSEOSEO) $is$ $a$ $vital$ $component$ $to$ $Internet$ $marking$ $success$. $First$, $it$&#$8217$;$s$ $important$ $for$ $businesses$ $to$ $understand$ $how$ $search$ $engines$ $operate$, $in$ $order$ $to$ $appreciate$ $the$ $complicated$ $algorithms$ $that$ $are$ $used$ $to$ $generate$ $action$.

    santa barbara dui

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    Judge says Chubby Checker can pursue lawsuit against HP...

    I still think they're nuts (judge and checker) but this is a bit sobering:
    “The complaint further alleges that defendants employed a detailed application and approval process for the app. Construed favorably to the plaintiffs, these allegations are sufficient to permit an inference that defendants knew, or could have reasonably deduced, that the owner of the Chubby Checker mark would never have consented..."
    Not set for trial 'til October 2014, this will sadly be a topic of future discussion.

    edit: link is being filtered because of the 'p' word
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    Quote Originally Posted by p41m3r View Post
    edit: link is being filtered because of the 'p' word
    Link changed to a shortened version ( to get around the filter. Sorry about that!
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    IF i downloaded that app, i'd have to put it on my touchpad.

    anyone downloading it to a Pre (or worse, a Veer or Pixi) really shouldn't be concerned with measurements. Instead, just focus on that "It's how you USE it" mantra...

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