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    I screwed up my all inbox trying to see if there is a way to jump to the top by doing meta tap + t. Man, I was totally confused, now it was sorted alphabetically and I had no clue how to fix it. I kept messing around until I tried meta tap + d. That toggle it between oldest first and newest first.

    Am I the only one who did not know this?
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    didnt have a clue, kinda lacking a manual to tell of many useful gems, think the only one i know/remember is taking a screenshot

    i do remember there was an old post somewhere that told more shortcuts, noooooo idea where that post is now tho, and i certainly didnt remember any of the shortcuts :/
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    One of my favorite webos things is clearing dial pad with back gesture
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    I use meta + A, Z, X, C and V almost daily (select all, undo, cut, copy, paste). Effortlessly switching between cards and doing these tricks is something others still envy... four years later.
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    Love it Laingman! Can't believe I never knew about that tip. Thanks a million!
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    I thought everybody knew. )

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