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    HP still did not get it then, nor do they get it now...

    Quote from: Internet's collapse, iPhone's failure: 10 worst tech predictions of all time - NBC

    HP tops the tablet charts
    HP was pretty bullish on webOS when it acquired Palm for $1.2 billion in 2010. The platform would be the linchpin for HP’s mobile strategy, starting with the TouchPad tablet. Confidence was running so high that Eric Cador, vice president of HP's Personal Systems Group for Europe, Middle East and Africa, was certain that HP’s PC success would translate to the tablet market.

    "In the PC world, with fewer ways of differentiating HP's products from our competitors, we became No. 1; in the tablet world we're going to become better than No. 1. We call it No. 1-plus." Not so much. In our review we panned the TouchPad's sluggish performance, weak battery life and skimp app selection. HP would kill off the TouchPad and all webOS hardware just 7 weeks later after staggeringly weak sales.

    Bonus: From HP Chairman Ray Lane in September 2011, after the Touchpad was discontinued: "You cannot develop serious portable applications on Android.”
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    HP bad.

    I think everyone got that by now
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