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    In anticipation of my return to the States for 3 weeks on Monday I've dug out my Pre 2, charged it up and been playing with it. Wow! I forgot how wonderfully smooth and intuitive the UI is. I've grown accustomed to my iPhone 4S and do enjoy the greater selection of apps and a working map, but iOS simply is no match for WebOS. It was like discovering it for the first time. I sat there for a few minutes and just opened app after app just so I could switch to card view and swipe them back and forth and then swipe them away. I also loved the form factor and still do. It was such a great product and it's a shame that it's potential was never realized.
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    Color me envious! I finally moved on to Andrioid (Razr slim) and while it's good to have apps, it's just not as intuitive. Also rooted the Touchpad and feel the same - but it's worse because when I go back to webOS the wifi can't find my network. Congrats on getting to enjoy a reunion with webOS as a daily driver!

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