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    I've been using Comcast Business Class Exchange Servers since my first Pre ('09) without any issues at all. But since yesterday, I've been getting "The server's security certificate is not a trusted certificate" on my TouchPad and Pre 3.

    I tried the same settings on the iPhone I have for development and it didn't seem to have the issue at all. Booting the TP to CM10, I had the same problem until I enabled "Accept all SSL Certificates".

    I'm not very savvy about SSL certificates and most of the threads here about Exchange Servers are pretty old. I tried Comcast support, but their tier one support doesn't even know that Comcast hosts Exchange Servers. . . Tier two is apparently MIA until tomorrow.

    Does anybody have any idea how to resolve this? Am I f**@#^&d?

    EDIT: Nevermind.

    I re-read the post about visiting the exchange server site with the browser. I had misread it the first time and didn't think it applied to my situation.

    I just panicked thinking I'd never be able to sync contacts and appointments *ever EVER* again! I don't know what Comcast did to their settings but at least I don't have to call back their crappy support line. . .

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