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    While I am sure, not all that happened from 2.3 to 4.x was Duarte's achievement, everyone with eyes in their head must see how much closer Android UI came to WebOS UI and how much better Android is usable by now.

    They aren't "there" yet. But if they continue on that path, we might not need to be waiting long ...
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    Duarte's had some positive impact on Android, no doubt about it, but it's not like he got to design it all by himself from the ground up--he's working as part of a much larger development team on a product that was already far along before he ever touched it. Once a software development project is that far along, whether a better idea can be incorporated depends greatly on the existing architecture. As with buildings, you can't add an extra five floors if the foundation wasn't engineered for that much weight.

    So while Duarte and other ex-Palm devs at Google and Apple are influencing the direction of Android and iOS in ways that we recognize from webOS, neither was designed from the ground up to support all that we love about webOS--instead, it's taking some major renovations of the OS foundations to even go as far as they have (and both of those OSs' webOS-like features still don't live up to the original in most respects). How much farther they'll be able to go down this path is uncertain, and may ultimately depend on Apple's and Google's willingness to junk everything and just start over (which Apple, at least, has previously shown a willingness to do).

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