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    Quote Originally Posted by Buddy1969 View Post
    Soooo ... what if we stop with the what-if game? *sniggers*
    Then I'll make fewer grumpy replies to them?
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    Quote Originally Posted by beca View Post
    Why? Amazon is no software developer. Buying WebOS would not helped the cause.
    I think you can find a bunch of threads suggesting amazon. Read some of them.

    I love this OS and like to see it prosper.


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    I think beca is right on this. Amazon would not have made WebOS into what everyone would like. Amazon is not a developer. They are a retailer. Having some staff in house that write code does not make them a developer anymore than having janitors makes them a cleaning company.

    Amazon wants a device that gets people to buy things from Amazon. The only app they would have made would be to access amazon content. That's all they really care about. They only reason there are so many apps for the Amazon market place is that, being built on andriod, it's real easy to take existing work and send it over to amazon to be put on the app store. That would not be the same if the kindle was built on WebOS.

    There may be a few more official apps than what there are now, but you would have to trade that off with Amazon wanting to lock everything down, and trying to do away with WebOS internals and preware... Who want to make that trade?
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    ... or to answer that in short:
    if Amazon bought palm, the Touchpad would have a black and white eink display and a Kindle app that's not beta...


    Soooo ... what if Hugh Hefner bought Palm?
    No apps, but free blue movie streaming on all devices.

    Soooo ... what if Al Quaeda bought Palm?
    No new apps, but the devices explode very nicely.

    Soooo ... (you may continue)

    Grabber is right. The what-if game reaches a point sometimes, where it becomes a bit ridiculous.
    Situation is, what it is. LG and Ports are at it now. It's up to them to make something out of WebOS.
    War doesn't prove who's right, only who's left...
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