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    Show begins with Dieter and crew on webOS

    The Verge Mobile Show 048 - May 28th 2013 | The Verge
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    Aw, that was great! Keep up with The Verge sometimes, but never caught The Verge Mobile before. Good to see Dieter still runs a tight podcast. *cough*
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    Funny how Dieter forgot about the Veer's sim specifications
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    wow never heard such love from the Verge since the verge threw a *** at the Veer debuting before the Pre3
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    I was going to post this but was like no, I don't like to point traffic to rival site but then I realized, screw it. MobileNations Does not show us much love with the redesign and webOS does not get mentioned on a podcast here.
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    Thanks for the link. That was an enjoyable podcast.
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    Always good to hear people talk about webOS! Subscribed.
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