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    I don't know why but when I saw a Pixi in Maine it made interested
    HP Think Beyond event link
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    just the descriptions and demos i saw reminded me of the amiga which i still love today, so i aquired a touchpad as soon as i was able to pre-order from palm/hp's store, i did all my homework comparing webOS to android/apple etc and still thought the touchpad/webOS would give me what i personally was interested in.

    not a lot has changed since then, i have 3 touchpads now, a pre3, since then tho (mostly due to others preaching to me about supposed greener pastures) i also have an ipad3, 2 chineese cheapo tablets 7" and 8", a 6" chineese android phone and my old LG OP1 android phone updated to cm10, im not short of options and my touchpad/webOS still gets more "real" use than the others.

    still not disappointed overall, i just lack some options in small areas compared to the others apps wise, even then its a lack of "unique/obscure" apps rather than core/day to day apps.
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    I got firesale fever for the TP, managed to NOT get anyone and have all my orders in about 20 different stores cancelled

    Eventually I bought some for myself and my wife a a higher but still reasonable price. Wife wanted a new phone and she liked how the Veer looked, so I got her one and got one myself too to replace my aging Nokia E71 from work. Since then got Pre 2, Pre 3 and TP 4G added to the family

    My brother, his g/f, best friend, colleague at work have a Veer now too.

    Since then it has been love and I still cannot understand why HP decided to kill it.

    I have been writing patches (successfully), trying to create apps (not successful so far, but that will come with time).

    Have been working with backups and updates to webOS 2.2.3/2.2.4/2.2.5 for the various phones.

    Now trying to get my hands dirty with Open webOS, but my low-level *nix experience is just not sufficient to do anything useful currently.

    So I try to focus on Enyo 2 app development for the Dutch market for now as a start.
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    It certainly needs improvement, but I find webOS interface more fluid, where the menu-driven interface of iOS (and the like, ref Android) seems clumsy for a touch device. I admire the polish and refinement of iOS as well as the iPhone hardware, but it is not enough to get me to switch. Of course, I'm not looking for a hyperconnected experience. I use my Pre2 as a phone first and as internet and email access second; everything else, for my needs, is fluff, so the lack of apps is irrelevant to me.

    If and when I can install webOS on the iphone hardware, even at the expense of some screen space for gestures, I would be all over that. On the other hand, BB10 seems like the next best thing (or possibly better), and I am looking forward to trying the Z10.
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    First when I started with webOS I had an LG flip phone (VX8300), before that I had a Motorola (V120X, looked like the PixiPlus), had a Verizon renewal. They had this cool new Smartphone the PrePlus which had a mobile hotspot, I looked at the PixiPlus but with 8G of storage (my LG had 4G MicroSIM Slot, which I filled, was swapping between two, so I knew I would fill the 8G, plus really the only ~6G is available anyway, plus the ram ~256M which only ~192M was usable did not make me think this was the right one for me)... So the PrePlus was the Phone for me brought it home (my wife and I share a plan and she got the Motorola Droid), being a computer guy, I would learn both...

    The PrePlus was fast (at the time), it booted fast (yeah I know ~10 minutes with tons of apps), but out of the box, it booted ~5 minutes, it was fresh, remember the first device from Verizon had webOS 1.3.5, upgraded to, within a few minutes of activation. It was sleek, now as my wife got an Android device I assisted her in configuring her Droid, it was very easy as the PrePlus was to configure, but I could launch apps, more apps at a time, the gestures (not even the advanced was on did not know about those yet), seem so natural, card view was sweet, with WiFi on and within 15 minutes of playing with it I was muti-tasking while on the phone browsing the web, talking, texting and mapping where we were going to dinner... My wife was like I can't do that on mine...

    But she wanted to try Android, her family all had the Motorola Droid, they all loved them, told her she would love it to... (more on that in another story, just to say she would leave the house without her phone as it was better at home then to use)...

    The PrePlus with webOS 2.2.4 is still the best Phone I have ever had, when it dies I will be forced to go to the Pre2, will loose the Mobile HotSpot, but the Pre2 is a cool phone... (faster and slower then the PrePlus, Gorilla Glass (although I like the plastic casing of the PrePlus, as mine with a screen protector looks as good as it was when I bought it, not even the crack I have heard so much about above the USB port), better processor, at least a released (unlocked) webOS 2.2.4 stable build, as I have both)...

    Through the year of 2010, PrePlus got three updates, webOS 1.4.0,, and 1.4.5... (webOS 2.1.0 was never released to Verizon but there are many meta doctor scripts to make it work...) in 2011, the PrePlus/PixiPlus also got an update to webOS (which I have never used)...

    The Think Beyond Event...

    Wanted the Touchpad, to pair with my phone (did not know about MAP yet, the ads running talked about pairing but they did not say how).... But the price was too high... was waiting for it to fall...

    Firesale, picked up the touchpad (while I was out of town, another story)...

    Pairing was not easy (still did not have MAP yet), but the phone calls came through the Touchpad (cool feature still nobody has copied yet...)

    The Apps were cool on the PrePlus, but a few things did not make me happy, like Rovio updated Angry Birds, worked fine on PrePlus (with webOS 2.1.0) but they did not release it, only on Pre2, and at the time once they upgraded the App the older version was not available so all PrePlus users lost Angry BIrds...

    Carrier has a say... Will never understand why Palm allowed the Carrier to approve Software Releases...
    Now it is 2013, how long does this last, a PixiPlus,PrePlus that can run webOS 2.1.0 but is stuck at webOS 1.4.5(Heck I even proved that webOS 2.2.4 can run on a PrePlus, if it was released by HP/Palm it would have been so stable), Pre2 is stuck at webOS 2.1.0 (at least they approved that took them a long time), but it can run webOS 2.2.4, because of some contract the Carriers and Palm made....

    Only thing Apple did I will gladly say was far superior then anyone else they kept control of the software versions not the carrier...

    The big webOS flaw, the app developers, many have stuck around, many are great, but the big developers all just walked away, not so much as a thanks just we will take your money but leave our apps to be broken and die...

    Notice I did not even write about the patches, the kernel upgrades, the openness of the applications, synergy, integrated IM, those are all great too...

    The webOS dream of multi-tasking... I now have many devices, to name a few PixiPlus, PrePlus, Pre2, Pre3, Veer, and Touchpad, all working great all at verisons that were never released but they work just great...

    HP/Palm you lost your way, sorry... LG I started with a flip phone, went to Palm, now that webOS is yours what will you do with it?
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    CARDS! Plain and simple.

    They were really a great way to organize multi-tasking and allow a user to manage running applications.

    I also loved how all my accounts were integrated. The whole OS was very well organized.
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    The fact that although Palm ditched much of its Zen with the built in apps (comparing the Palm OS PIM apps with what webOS considers PIMs is pathetic), Palm did learn from Garnet. Rather than doing a complete patch job, they started out fresh, and improved on many of the things that made Garnet out-dated and frustrating. It was rock stable over Garnet, can function just like a computer (and not like a handheld), had (at the time) an up-to-date browser (I came from Blazer and Opera Mini 4.x) and with its Linux core, can be manipulated w/o having to beg the gurus online. It really did feel like a genuine successor to Garnet, minus the stupid iJunk mentality with some UI (why couldn't there be multiple menus like in Palm OS and why scrap an excellent PIM suite). It's a shame that Palm got too comfy and didn't kill the iJunk trend when it had the resources (imagine if Cobalt was released in 04-06, followed by webOS in 09).
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    Because it was a Palm.

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    I had a few PalmOS devices which I loved. I had my 755p for more than a couple of years waiting for the first WebOS device to come out. When that did I loved it too. I'm also a techie that doesn't like to be mainstream :-p
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    My Palm fanboyism was what brought it to my attention, but quickly after its announcements, it's actual merits was what truly brought me in.
    However, I didn't like the name, "webOS" sounds generic.
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    I liked it from the moment I saw the first official Palm videos that showed off webOS on the Pre (after it launched). What I absolutely liked at first was how *clean* everything looked. It looked so clean and a just a beauty to work with. I didn't even realize the multitasking back then.
    It's a shame Palm took a year to release the Pre silently in my country else I would've bought it directly after seeing the videos.

    But I'm happy I got the Touchpad just before the firesale after all and a month later the Pre 3. I really wish I had the Pre series from the moment it launched
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    I had been using Palm devices for years - IIIx, i500, Centro - when I heard about the Pre, I got interested. I did some research and found that WebOS was getting great reviews, and I didn't want an Apple, so I went with the Pre. LOVED IT. Ended up getting one for my wife, both daughters, and a Pixi for my son. Stayed with Pre for many years until I went the FrankenPre route with my phone and my wife's, and then got 7 TP's for family members.

    And now I'm sad. I still use my Touchpad daily (as does my wife, and my son alternates between using his a lot and not at all), but our phones are now all Galaxy's. Wish I had a Palm device...
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    Played with the original Pre during its launch at Bell, they had "secret" demo units before the launch, and the sales guys let you play with it if you ask. Initially was completely turned off by the price and plan requirements ($199/3 year + min $50 per month, yikes), plus the fact it was CDMA when Bell and Telus were both transitioning to HSPA. Then later on it was dropped to $0 on 3 year plus monthly discounts, so I bit the bullet and bought one, plan was cheap. Since then I moved on to the FrankenPre Plus, Veer and now my Pre 3. Got used to the cards interface and everything plus the keyboard, find myself trying to swipe things when using other phones...
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    For me it was the fact that you could have more than one app open at a time. At the time I had a Samsung Instinct which wasn't too bad but you had to close an open app to open another one. Drove me nuts. When I saw that the Palm pre could do that I went straight to Sprint and got one. Even got a great deal. Think I only paid like $49 for it with contract and this was within a month of release. I think webOS was way ahead of its time and that Palm screwed up by not promoting its features enough to get everybody's attention. Of course I also thinks the phones demise came about due to poor quality hardware. The carriers had to replace way too many phones. That's not the business they are in. I would go as far as to speculate that Sprint probably had to replace every one they sold at least once, more likely more that once. They replaced mine like 4 times I think. Even today webOS is still ahead in some respects. Just don't understand why nobody is noticing what is really there. Its kinda sad for us webOS diehards...
    personally I don't care for much for iOS or android so I am gonna hang in there with my Sprintified Pre2 as long as possible. I love it.
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    I've been a loooooong time Palm fan. I interned at Palm in summer 2008, and got to watch webOS be born and grow. It really amazed me.
    Did you know:

    webOS ran on a Treo 800 during initial development.
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    Wife and I were both Centro users (and I had a handspring back in the day), I had always wanted a Treo but was too busy spending money on cars to drop that kinda money on a phone. We both loved the Centros, then started seeing news about webOS and the Pre (and we were already on Sprint), our contract came up for renewal October 2009 so we went in to just look at a demo unit, looked, played, dropped down the plastic for two new Sprint Pre's and another two year contract. Been in love every since.

    Also something that has kept me is I love hardware keyboards, as other OSs have evolved the choices with hardware keyboards have gone away. Before we bought our Sprint Pres we did try some other phones with hardware keyboards, before we bought our Veers/Pre2s/Pre3/TouchPads we tried out an iPhone. Wife has talked about moving on (she is the lesser geek), but right now we are looking at going off contract and saving a few hundred a year with Straight Talk so we will both probably be daily using webOS phones and tablets daily for a while longer.
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    I discovered it after the firesale and I was looking to enter the mobile space with my first OS and I bought a Touchpad and it was amazing to me. Then I wanted to see what it was on a phone so I bought a Pre 2 and a Palm case, then a Veer, then the rest is history ending with a Pre 3. Now I just love the platform, the community, and it's members. It's because of you guys that I learned so much about WebOS, and even more so about Linux because of this OS. The open source aspect and the mystery devices that were never released, The Go, Touchstone 2 etc, just made this platform even more exotic and exciting and it continued to enhance my interest and love for WebOS.
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    I can launch an app and change my mind
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    Wow. Am I the only one here who was sold by the original CES 2009 reveal [Okay, except Vistaus]? Because that's where it all started, and that's where they sold me. The hardware and form factor grabbed my attention. The software almost made me weep for joy.

    IN JANUARY OF 2009...
    I was still limping along on Windows Mobile 6. (HTC was making some bad*** hardware!) Nothing else around really gave me any reason to switch. Nothing else was any more exciting.

    Android was still too janky and "for developers" at the time, IMO. Basically felt like WinMo, but with a capacitive screen. That is to say moving around the OS felt like using a desktop computer, just with your finger. Little thought seemed paid to unifying the user experience or making it, first and foremost, a mobile communication and personal information tool. It was just stuff everywhere.

    iOS was more spot on in a lot of ways with their touchscreen UX metaphors. But Good Lord! So locked down. One screen at a time. Modal notifications?! Eff that static.

    There were BlackBerry and PalmOS, sure. But those felt like using dumb old Java phones to me.

    The gesture area, Cards multitasking, Synergy and Dashboard notifications! Holy crap, someone figured it out! Seriously, webOS and the Palm Pre got SO much of the mobile user experience nailed in one fell swoop it was insane. And on brand spanking new hardware!

    "But wait, there's more...!" Touchstone wireless charging. Just to really drive it home.

    It had the best all the competition had to offer (WebKit, App Catalog, etc) yet with a harmony and comprehensive clarity no other had assembled to date. As I think back to the landscape at the time it was first demonstrated and how excited I was after CES 2009, I can't believe where we are today. Seriously, think hard about what webOS is and put it next to anything else you had seen before January 2009. Palm really hit a homerun in so many ways on that sunny day. And then, well, we all know the rest...
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