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    I think the palm pre had the record for the longest review on some blogs. Probly still does.
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    I have always been a fan of "underdogs". I was an Amiga afficionado from day one. I drive Lancia since my first car. I had Palm devices since the Pilot.
    So many good ideas vanish from the world, because the world was not ready for it or the inventor was not able to market it. So much innovation happens on the fringes of the broad market. I wanna be able to say: I witnessed this or that long before some other company stole or licensed it and came out with it.

    It's the same with all companies, that produce things:
    If you use 80% of your budget to invent and develop a product and then use the remaining 20% of your budget for marketing, you will have a brilliant product that won't sell.
    If you use 20% for development and 80% for marketing, you will have a crappy product that everyone wants to have.

    I tend to go for the good product ...

    That's why I have been a fan of Palm product for a long time.
    War doesn't prove who's right, only who's left...
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    How ridiculously easy it was to build a consistent and functional UI with the Enyo framework, even using a language that I barely understood.

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    @Buddy: Vanish? Most certainly not. webOS is not dead yet and Amiga and Lancia aren't dead either. AmigaOS 4.2 is about to launch this year (as un upgrade from 4.1 that launched two years ago) and their is even new hardware coming this year including a new high-end PC. They even had to close the pre-order list for that PC because there were too many pre-orders already.
    And Lancia is far from dead. I see Lancia's, including new ones, all the time in my country.
    And webOS could start a second life under LG's hood and we still have the community and HP is still selling off their webOS inventory on Amazon.
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    gestures blew my mind something I am really starting to miss

    feels like I already wore out the home button on my i5 its just an extra step that's not needed or wanted

    I've been using my TP so much more since my frankinpre2 got sick on me I should have just bought another but the labor involved and lack of LTE as well as not wanting to leave sprint made my discussion to switch to my new icrap...don't get me wrong its a modern phone with all the toys but I do miss webOS as my daily driver
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    As far as Amigas: I still have my trusty Amiga 2000 at home, even though I don't use it anymore. I don't have the heart to sell it. Didn't knew about the OS and hardware though. I looked up and thought all they are producing are second rate android tablets and gamine-apps.
    I still drive Lancia. I bought a Delta executive (190HP, twin turbo diesel) with all the trimmings three years ago and am still very happy with it. But since the merger with Chrysler the quality seems to drop a bit and there is talk about the brand being scrapped.

    As for WebOS: I believe it, when I see it. I hope for the best but expect the worst.
    War doesn't prove who's right, only who's left...
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    @Buddy: is *not* related to AmigaOS.

    The website of AmigaOS resides here: Welcome to AmigaOS | AmigaOS
    You can read the latest news here:’s-new
    And here you can read about the upcoming 4.2 (it's a year old but the release date is set for this year although there is new hardware since the article was published): AmigaOS 4 developer interview: Why it endures and what the future holds - Computerworld
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    Quote Originally Posted by Buddy1969 View Post
    As far as Amigas: I still have my trusty Amiga 2000 at home, even though I don't use it anymore. I don't have the heart to sell it. Didn't knew about the OS and hardware though. I looked up and thought all they are producing are second rate android tablets and gamine-apps.
    I still drive Lancia. I bought a Delta executive (190HP, twin turbo diesel) with all the trimmings three years ago and am still very happy with it. But since the merger with Chrysler the quality seems to drop a bit and there is talk about the brand being scrapped.

    As for WebOS: I believe it, when I see it. I hope for the best but expect the worst.
    you need to beware of some so called "amiga" hardware as some form of abortive remnants of commodore are/were trying to sell garbage in the name of c64/amiga which are just complete crap.

    A-EON Technology Ltd < these guys make the new Amiga hardware (AmigaOne X1000 and a few more)
    Hyperion Entertainment < these guys own AmigaOS currently 4.1 (4.2 incoming)

    also for some retro amiga goodness you can check out FPGA alternatives to classic hardware.

    Syntiac pages - Turbo Chameleon 64 < plugs into a real c64 or runs standalone, has up to 16 computer "cores" of which theres a c64/amiga/spectrum/a few others, the amiga core runs as a super fast a600 with the cpu speed of the a3000/a4000 range, its damned good for its size etc, i have one and like it lots.

    FPGA ARCADE - main page < another amiga FPGA board like the chameleon only has more bells/whistles/speed/options, can be placed in a small/mini/micro ATX cases or a custom case that some people have knocked up.

    Natami Project Home Page < another FPGA amiga project, very slow as the main dudes amazingly busy, irl issues etc but has a different approach to some of the others that some are looking forward too.

    theres several others kicking around as FPGA projects become more popular.

    /end amiga plugs.
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    Cards, it's that simple. nothing compares to this Day to be able to leave things open and never forget about what you were doing before you got that phone call or new text message.

    other phone I always forget to finish that draft email, or finish texts or reading an article.
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    Wherever I first saw a Pre, I fell in love with the gesture based navigation and cards right away.
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    I bought my iPhone 3G a couple of months before the 3GS came out. I was generally happy with it for the most part, but as time went by I started to feel like I wanted to try something else. I missed having a physical keyboard, so a little over a year after buying the iPhone I decided was going to cancel my AT&T service and switch to something else. I thought about the Pre at this point, but I was skeptical about Sprint. I had tried the G1 right before buying the iPhone, so I thought I'd go back to Android thinking it definitely would've improved by then. I switched to T-Mobile and bought a Motorola Cliq. That thing was terrible. MotoBlur sucked, it was laggy, etc. I liked the keyboard though, so I went back to the T-Mo store and exchanged it for a BlackBerry Bold. The phone felt great, the keyboard was nice, but mine was having some big issues. I got on the CrackBerry forums and of course was just told I should go back to T-Mo and change it out for another one. So, I went in to do just that. I got to the store, and they didn't have anymore in stock. I decided then to just return the phone and try something else. I drove to Best Buy a town over and bought a Palm Pre on Sprint. Thus began my love affair with webOS. The keyboad, squishy as it was, was great to have again. I loved the portrait slider, the gesture area, the way that multitasking was implemented from the ground up. I loved the way that the status bar seemed to just be part of the hardware as opposed to a big block at the top of my screen. I loved the non-intrusive notifications sliding up from the bottom, allowing you to finish your thought before responding. My time with Sprint didn't last as I ended up going to Verizon for the Pre Plus which was awesome, and then I was a registered developer and I got a free Pre 2 through that program.

    *sigh* I miss webOS. I sure hope I win a Pre 3.
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    I was already a Palm fan to begin with, but when I saw a demo of all that webOS is/was, I was instantly hooked.

    Sad to say that my daily driver is a SG3. Is it nice hardware with a full compliment of apps? Sure. But it pisses me off hourly. Still a proud Pre minus, Plus, Pre 2, and Pre 3 user. And my TPad is used daily.

    Hard to get my lazy *** to update the Tpad to WOCE and port webOS to a N7 and GNex phone....

    Palm and webOS must live on some way somehow.
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    Where to start? It looked different hardware wise, it looked different OS wise. The part that peaked my interest was the account management, was like that is smart.

    Got a Pre but was a bit let down with the build quality, really a PLASTIC screen? Was the only phone I had a screen protector for (which I dislike) even bought a sliding hard case from the US to mitigate any onset of Oreo.

    Got a Pre 2 now that was more like it but I was swayed by bigger phones

    Then the Pre 3, loved it but aggressive auto brightness annoyed

    Went through all the alternatives even up to the beast that is Note 2, bought another Pre 3 from eBay and found an auto brightness patch, WIN!

    It is now my daily drivers, my Nexus 4 comes out some times, but hell the apps are just IMO a distraction and I bore quickly of them.

    The Pre3 is a lovely device that feels good in the hand, can't say that about any other devices i have owned apart from my other Pre's and webOS is just well damn fine

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    Back in 2007 I upgraded from my SE P800 which I loved and had for 4yrs to the then new SE P1i. I chose it over the iphone as it was a more logical upgrade considering what I had, plus I absolutely hated the fact that the battery wasnt user replaceable, something totally unheard of at the time.

    I immediately fell in love with the "rocker switch" qwerty keyboard. Excellent feedback and speed, and not taking much space either.

    Fast forward to 2011, the P1i showed its age, mainly through the dying ecosystem of Symbian UIQ. I had already been following the emergence of the first pre and was intrigued, as it was just what I wanted: a nice modern UI, with modern apps, a full portrait qwerty keyboard. Additionally, the wireless charging and of course, proper multitasking made it the obvious choice for me over the neanderthal Android landscape sliders, expensive and non-physical IOS, and Blackberries that felt more outdated than my 4yr old P1i.

    Thats when I snagged my Pre Plus from ebay, and after the firesale madness upgraded to a Pre3 mainly for 3G and the autofocus camera, but also for the excellent build quality.
    Shortly after the Touchpad also joined the family, it and the Pre3 being my daily runners with the Plus in retirement.

    No plans of changing platform, as others simply dont suite me. Ive had my share of IOS, Android, BB, even Windows phone 8 but they simply wont do, lack of physical keyboard and multitasking being the major let downs. Ill simply snag another pre3 from good ol ebay when the time comes
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    Same here. If my pre² breaks I'll just get another one
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    I had the Sony Ericsson P1i, my first touch screen phone, and was really fond of its hardware keyboard. But the navigation wheel became laggy, so I looked around in the O2 shop for some slider phones. There was this Sony with a sideways slider, but it wasn't as compact as whished ... And there was the Pre! Riverstone design, sleek, black, and you could test it. Also all the employees had it, showing it around, proud to have the iPhone Killer exclusively at hand. I fell for the Pre, but first went back home and looked up everything about it in the web: reviews, videos, screens. Next day during lunch I bought it. Couldn't wait to get the battery loaded, so I switched it on, while I was walking back to the office. Everybody wanted to look at, also my designer colleagues with their 3Gs where curious about it

    One day the power button was defect and I got a replacement. It still lies in its box, as good as new, because I bought a Veer, unfortunately after the fire sale (missed it). This also is still in very good condition! Now I've switched to WP, HTC 8X, sorry, but I need good Office compatibility, apps which fit my workday needs, and a more reliable device.

    Hopefully we'll see new webOS devices and software extensions in the near future, with support from Phoenix, LG or maybe even HP! Still checking the Nation more than occasionally and keeping my devices ready to go. My TP ist still in use!

    Great OS -- Great Nation! Thanks for support and familiarity, folks! Keeping both eyes on you!

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    webOS is simply fabulous

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