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    I'm not saying anything will come of this webOS wise, but this device adds gesture control to a PC, so...

    Hewlett-Packard focuses on motion-control technology with S.F. startup Leap Motion -

    Yes, I know: HP will now offer you Windows phone or Android on you new laptop... :-(
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    The Leap Motion (which I preordered ages ago) isn't even purely a gesture sensor. It's a highly-accurate, small-scale motion controller that allows freedom of motion to control the interface...without touching a thing. Mostly on PCs, but being looked at for general gadgetry as well.

    I've got some friends developing for it, and they love it despite some early bugginess. Really glad to see Asus and HP both looking to integrate the technology right into the laptops and other gadgetry.

    Motion control != Gesture control. It's much, much more than gestures, and light-years beyond what webOS did.

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