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    Aren't most of the PalmSource's patents about to expire? It is highly vital for one to patent his own invention so nobody could steal the exclusive rights away from him. Go here to find out more.
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    You can slam Apple all you want - but let's face it, they went from being the underdog that was 'doomed to fail' to the big boy on the tech block.

    iPhone users get usable, stable devices, regular updates and lots of apps. We should be so lucky.
    -= Gihmley =-

    Alas, poor WebOS... we barely knew ye...
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    I figured this when seeing apple meeting with LG! Samsung without doubt has the superior devices now in my eyes, but if you guys go to you will notice when it speaks of i07 multitasking it looks to familiar guys just gotta read the article of the iphone 5s! Webos may not be as we once knew it but this experience I have to enjoy! The only reason I tried this is because my pre 3 shattered, Sept 20, I hate to say but I have to leave webOS but with this new update I don't think I'm leaving at all!
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