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    I just fell off my chair.

    I sure hope LG continues to work with @webOSInternals and @webOSports. It would be a real kick in the teeth if they got cast aside now.
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    Is this true?
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    WebOS lives! LG to resurrect it for smart TVs | Mobile World Congress - CNET Reviews (offline)

    LG also gets HP licenses for use with its WebOS products, and patents HP obtained from Palm. The financial terms of the deal weren't disclosed.
    Good news for Palm users: LG said it would continue to support them.
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    Damn !! i was going to post this

    anyway cheers !!!
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    For TVs only? I hope they will see the value in rolling out other hardware...
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    it lives!
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    I first thought, they just bought the licenses for OWOS Pro. But "The Verge" writes explicidly, that they aquired rights and personell ...
    Whatever you make of anything "The Verge" writes, but if that is true, this is an interesting development.
    Somehow reminds me of the AmigaOS being handed down until nothingness...
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    One of the biggest questions will be for a company like LG that's so tied to Google's OS will plan to do with such a great operating system like WebOS to be wasted on televisions. It's silly to hear that a company like LG, that builds great smartphones to acquire WebOS to the end mis-managed great talents to built televisions or webOS refrigerators

    Can any company look WebOS seriously and take a look at the potential in it
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    I guess that's good news? I don't know. I don't care much about TVs with OS.
    But webOS is dead right now and anything that could revive it is good.
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    At the bottom of the CNET article (which has since disappeared) LG apparently stated that "current Palm users would still be supported"... which is odd.
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    So first it was printers and now tv's. How about a smartphone people?!?!
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    LG webOS From HP, Will Live on in New Smart TVs

    LG will embed webOS in its new smart TVs, perhaps giving it a more connected edge over Samsung and its rivals. The company launched its first connected TVs in 2007, iterating them to include apps, gestures and other technologies to bridge the gap between the television and the second screen.

    Unfortunately, LG has no plans to bring it to its smartphone range, signalling the end of the operating system as a smartphone platform.
    A sad day. It seems like webOS was doomed since the day HP acquired Palm. Thanks Leo.....NOT!
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    For me, It's not a good news. Still no plan with a webOS smartphone of tablet.
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    lg has acquired webos from hp. At first I thought they simply licensed it for their smart tv platform, but nope... They bought the whole damn thing, palm patents and all (and talent). Not many specifics here.
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    Apparently CNET have pulled the story without any explanation.
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    I'm a bit confused, since LG gets all the old Palm patents and source code, how OpenWebOS will suffer or not from this move.

    Anyway, porting WebOS to LG Nexus4 with his "Touchstone", now gets even more sense =)
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    Here's an interesting thought. LG not only got webOS, but the personel and all patents and trademarks HP gained when they bought Palm. If that includes the Palm name, LG could release Palm devices running webOS. Since the LG brand isn't highly regarded here in the states and they could try this to boost sales. Though not sure how much more cache the Palm brand holds anymore.

    Another thought would be a webOS skin of android.

    Also, LG announce that they would continue support of palm and HP webOS phones, does this mean I could actually get an update for my pre3?
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