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    Quote Originally Posted by k4ever View Post

    You talk about the millions/billions needed to invest in webOS. What about the billions wasted in shelving webOS, the billions wasted in pursuing Windows 8, and the potential millions/billions needed to make a dent in the Android market? Does that money somehow not count?
    They represent a sunk cost, that money is gone and should never play a part in forward planning.
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    Well as we all know, hp never like Apple and never will be. They just don't want to step up and take the lead, even they have power to do that. They just a follower instead a leader, and even I don't know hp internal company, I bet it is their company culture. No Guts! That's why hp never have a "beautiful glory".
    Just like I mentioned in one of my post before, HP has the money but doesn't have the passion. They pulled to within second place with the iPad only to get cold feet and blow it big time.

    @CGK, see we have a ton of realistic discussions here. Let's be realistic on this, passion is easier to come by then money. A lot of us here have the passion to make webOS great. We just lack the money and influence in the industry. HP has both the money and the influence. They just lack passion or anything resembling a spine. You talk about these things as if you have some deep incite into the business end of this market that we, the naive, somehow don't have. However, there is more to making it in the mobile industry then just throwing money or influence into a problem (not working out that well for Microsoft). Great OSes suffer while mediocre ones succeed because companies lack the passion to push them forward. WebOS does not fail because it is not a good OS or even for monetary reasons. It continues to fail because HP refuses to wholeheartedly back it.

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    I wouldn't be surprised if OWO would/could be running on the Slate 7 from day 1. Have a close look at the commits that are being done to OWO on GitHub, search for these people and who they work for. It tells quite a story and does show that there might be some surprises in the pipeline. The LG thing might be more than just rumors... I'm just saying....

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    It's interesting how the proven market leading platforms can be dismissed based on one or two criteria: iOS is too restricted; Android is a fragmented mess; Windows 8 isn't popular - yet webOS, which hasn't proven to be anything but a black hole sucking in money, resources, and heartbroken users, is the logical solution to what the market wants.
    From a geek standpoint, I'm pretty sure the Empire did not think that their Death Star would be destroyed by a small fighter and two well placed missiles, either. Exploiting weaknesses. That is why market leaders don't stay market leaders for long. Someone comes along with a better way of doing things. Did you think that Blackberry would lose market share simply because they did not have a decent touch interface? They had the best ecosystem for a business device (still do). Or that Laptops would lose market share simply because their devices have 6 hours less worth of battery power versus an iPad? Laptops are still the more flexible than an iPad and offer more in terms of apps and hardware than most tablets do. Internet Explorer lost market share because it was not extendable (themes, plugins, add-ons) or cool enough. It is and has always been a security nightmare.

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    $169 7" Android tablet. It may do very well in the marketplace.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cgk View Post
    Oh it will not - HP is just desperately scrambling to be relevant but they are largely directionless - I would guess we will have a good decade of decline before the company is broken up or gets out of consumers markets.
    I apologize. I missed this post earlier. If they are in decline, what is wrong with a potential win/win for us all? HP could make some compelling webOS devices that leverage both their ownership of the OS (no need to wait of Google/Microsoft for updates or add new features) and their decency at making and supporting computing hardware. They could give themselves a fighting chance and do things on their own terms. We can actually get more webOS devices and more support. It's wishful thinking, but for both HP and webOS users it is better than the alternative.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kirkland31 View Post
    Apparently, HP thinks it would do better than a $169 7" webOS tablet. That would have fallen into the price range that everyone here has been looking for for the past couple of years.
    It's not that difficult to see why they did this. Android is plug and play. Apps are there - everything is there. I am not an Android fan but there are a lot of people who own Android phones.
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    Unless you work for HP and have access directly to meg Whitman you don't know anything for certain. You're in the same speculation boat as the rest of us you just see the glass as empty where I prefer to see a last drop of liquid in there.
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    Considering that a lot of Touchpad owners installed Android, does anyone believe that the mainstream is thinking about WebOS on Android devices? Most people have no idea what WebOS is.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cgk View Post
    Well since so far pretty much all of my 'insights' about WebOS have been right and yours have been wrong* - well...

    Let me put it this way,, when one of your predictions of the second coming of WebOS actually happen then we have something to talk about.
    What insight into webOS? Saying bad things about the OS is not insightful when you have nothing but vitriol to back it up. So far your insights into business end of HP have been wrong. Weren't you the one who tried to defend the Autonomy deal as better for HP versus spending a little more on webOS? Wasn't that suppose to be a better deal in terms of cost and the future of the company (10 billion on Autonomy versus another 1 billion on webOS)? What has happened to their stock since then? What about them overpaying for Autonomy which most of us pointed out? You speak corporate speak, which on the surface sounds good, but in practice is cowardice (not aimed personally towards you) and meaningless. Accountants argue numbers, visionaries provide blueprints for the future.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rnld View Post
    Considering that a lot of Touchpad owners installed Android, does anyone believe that the mainstream is thinking about WebOS on Android devices? Most people have no idea what WebOS is.
    You can't own a TouchPad and not know what webOS is. I am a TouchPad owner who not only asked for the Android port (after HP started showing cold feet with webOS), I also have it installed and use it a lot. I find myself coming back to and using webOS because Android (as a whole, not CM7/9/10) is a PITA. If there is an app available for what I need to do in webOS, I would much rather use it than its Android equivalent. Even the ones without update support (like the Kindle App and Zinio). The one thing Android has going for it is that Google continues to make improvements to it. However, besides the vast number of apps, the user experience in Android 4.2 is in some ways behind even what webOS 1.4 offered. Which is very disappointing considering the fact that Google poached Mathias from the webOS community.
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    HP didn't do anything with a product line that any other business wouldn't have done.

    Get over HP's bad purchase of Palm and figure out if open source WebOS can gain traction. At this point, HP doesn't seem to be interested in using it and neither does any other company.

    Who knows what tomorrow will bring!
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    Quote Originally Posted by cgk View Post
    I think you need to get the healing crystals out and I am not sure why you keep writing "incite" - do you mean insight?

    I'm done for now as we are going around in circles, you will be still waiting for the second coming when they shut this place down (which looking at the current activity surely has to be this year).
    Typo on my part. I edited the original post and made the two changes.

    One last thing on this, as I can see that you are "done" on the subject. I don't mean to disagree with your opinions. You have a right to them just as we have a right to ours. I just disagree with your tone and where you post them. I don't think it is right to come into a person's home and insult them. It is not the polite thing to do. I also don't think it is right to discourage a person's hope on a subject which will not harm them or others in any way. I feel that is counter productive and is also not the polite thing to do. Other than that I enjoy having discussion with you. I hate group think just as much as you think I practice it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rnld View Post
    It's not that difficult to see why they did this. Android is plug and play. Apps are there - everything is there. I am not an Android fan but there are a lot of people who own Android phones.
    It's not just about the availability of the app ecosystem (which is not free, btw, legit companies have to pay for access to the Play Store), it's also about profits. How does HP make money on Android devices in a market in which they don't have any leverage and in which profit margins are notorious low (I believe lower than the PC market)? They have to spend considerable amounts of money just to put a dent in the market share. I don't think they gain anything by using Android over webOS. Maybe they have a strategy in this that we are just not seeing but on the surface it makes no sense.
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    Quote Originally Posted by smooth3006 View Post
    i agree with him, webos is dead as far as hp is concerned. it's either you stick to an outdated platform or move on like most of us did. and before you say im a troll im not, i used to own several webos devices years ago.
    difference between hp and you tho is that hp "own" palm/webos, they have/had their own os/patents/hardware, it was their job to make sure webos was not as you say "an outdated platform", it was their job to make sure it was very much in date.

    their not os victims like us who just pick the best of whats out there or whats left, hp fail because tney messed up trying to make their own solution because they are sheep.

    ive said it time and time again, their the clones of commodore, medhi ali their stupid ceo wanted nothing but profits so did not bother releasing new products or continue or further fund research into the next gen AAA amigas, instead he sat on his **** and expected the popularity of the other amigas and their ageing c64 to keep the cash flowing.

    this mirrors hp who have no balls either, also dont want to spend cash on R&D and expect their pc and mainly printer line to just "keep them going" while borrowing other peoples os and again "hoping" they get a big return for no or little risk or outgoing cash.

    i also dont like cgk"s doom and gloom most days but occasionally hes got hp"s attitude nailed, they dont give a ****, dont want to give a ****, and wont unless someone else does all the work, makes webos popular, then and only then will hp take an interest.
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    Didn't HP already decide WebOS was going open source over a year ago?
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    Didn't HP already decide WebOS was going open source over a year ago?
    Yes they did, but most of the components for webOS were proprietary. It took some time to rip out all of the proprietary stuff and insert open source solutions.

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    Wow! Seeing a lot of activity and reaction in the forums today about HP pursing different OSes, building multiple tablets, and even a review about their Slate 7. It is very funny how certain people here stated that HP was right to get out of the mobile business when they unceremoniously dumped their webOS mobile line in favor of becoming IBM lite.

    Now HP is crawling back into mobile when they should have never left after wasting billions of dollars and effectively killing a very good mobile OS in the process. They are flailing around instead of having a coherent strategy. If the initial reviews on their low cost Slate 7 are any indication, their Android strategy will be an epic failure like their Windows 8 and Autonomy strategies. HP needs to grow a pair, build out a decent webOS infrastructure, and quit reaching for the low hanging fruit. Here is a tip for you HP, anything that is worth having is worth investing time, effort, and money into it.

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    Because of what HP did to the release date purchasers of the TP (I am one of them) you got to be a moron to purchase one of their tablets on or near there release date. HP burned a lot of bridges with their handling of WebOS and ****ing on their loyal customers.

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