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    Can't really include HP in an article about companies performing BETTER because they have women at the top.

    To be fair, Whitman certainly wasn't the reason for HP's plunge into sub-mediocrity performance, even if she was part of the non-functioning board at the time.
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    yes, I'm pretty sure the following line in the article's first paragraph automatically excluded HP and Meg:
    "These companies are impressing stock analysts."
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    Isn't saying "woman are better at X" sexist?
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    This is just because Meg Whitman is a republican and MSN is hard core leftist. very simple..
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    Quote Originally Posted by bimmin View Post
    Isn't saying "woman are better at X" sexist?
    Get used to it. They bend over backwards to tell us, what they can do better. lol.
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    Close this thread before it gets any worse.

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