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    She doesn't even mention WebOS. Only says that they are hiring within the company.
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    very vague
    not a good sign
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    Not that great of a question tbh... I'd rather hear a question or two about Gram. Where is the info on this company and where they are going?
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    Stock answer means nothing.

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    Nonanswers are my favorite answers.
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    I wish I could pull those quality answers on all my tests and quizzes
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    Sounds as generic as what chris3illiams say.
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    Quote Originally Posted by GMMan View Post
    Sounds as generic as what chris3illiams say.
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    Well I read it as follows:

    They are not so much hiring personel from outside the company. They are more and more using personel from inside the company. WebOS personel is a personel-pool for internal job reallocation.
    You need someone in division XY? Well go over and see what you can find in the WebOS division...

    So far my interpretation.
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