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    I was digging through the Help app code, and remembered about the live support right from TouchPad. It was a pretty cool idea, and it's too bad it was discontinued. However, maybe there's a chance we could resurrect it. Make a server to provide connection info and relay the chat data, and make client software so people could handle support requests. The communications protocol is just XML, and all the ones that are recognized by the chat app is written in the Javascript code. Doesn't seem too difficult to implement. I just don't know what LogMeIn (which HP used for this) would think of it.
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    Make a patch to change the url/ip it connects and let's try to analyse the requests

    As you mentoined it here; I've got a V-Server that could handle the things that are to much for php
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    All the requests are generated in the JavaScript, so it's easy to visualize the traffic without needing to capture it (and it's necessary, because you have to have some initial handshaking for it to open a session). They use a gateway system hosted by LogMeIn, so the implementation has to include a server, clients, and ticket handling system (for handing out sessions).
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    hehe and the worldwide community could help, cause there's always someone online. The crucial thing is, that those independent experts not always suggests "Doctor it" like hp support sometimes did.
    An support database should be available to not always reinvent the earth by solving the same ticket.

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