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    Hi all,

    does anyone know of any tweaks that would keep a conversation to 2 senders in the conversation view? I have used that in Windows phone and Android.

    basically it is only your messages in the thread to the other 2 people and when they reply it goes to their contact thread.

    if not is there a technical reason that may prevent it being implemented?


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    Would like that too for some convos. Groundworks are there in >2.x messaging app as Skype conversations work insame app (even with group icon).

    I don't know how the logic is working in other OSes with SMS convos:
    There is no way for the app to tell if an SMS went out to only me or another partner. So if i begin to send an sms to 2 persons and one of the persons only writes to me, how could Messages-app tell that, or if the other wrote to both? In worst case one of the chat buddies only gets my sms'es and non of the other guys.

    i use TXT Group (Gruppen-SMS) to start a convo easily:
    But it requires the app and to press send 2 times.
    Perhspas also this helps:
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    I was just thinking about this, as my family goes more and more the way of the iPhone, I will undoubtedly get added to some group SMS they've got going, and I can tell because I get replies from people I didn't text. I can reply to one of the messages, but I know it will only go back to that person and not to the whole group. I don't really expect anything to magically appear to fix this, but it would be nice to have something to support group texts i suppose.
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    well if you know who is in the 'family' sms group use of the apps above and create the group there.

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