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    I would love to do one with the editor and chief himself? Who else would love to see one return to the WebOS nation?
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    My vote is in for a webOS Cast.
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    +1 here too, could include webOS internals news
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    Here too. I miss that show. Probably they're thinking there isn't enough news to sustain a regular podcast, but it would be great to see a new episode every once in a while.
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    There is a Mobile Nations podcast which Derek is one of the participants, I assume to give WebOS news. I only listened to one eposide and he didnt talk much. Lol, I assume because of the lack of news.

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    He isn't on any of them from what I noticed or seen in the past months, but I mean there is plenty of News from what Ive seen and even though it isnt all webOS related it's self I think a great format could be found. We could talk about the use of the phones, what works and what doesn't, an app of the week, maybe even android news on the Touchpad, it has alot of potential.
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    "Plenty" is really a strong word here. Being webOS-centric means your podcasts would generally be about 5 minutes long. A random new app, a blip from Open webOS, and basically pulling random threads out of the forums here are all you've got. And most people already get all of that in less than 15 minutes just by visiting here.

    People who've moved to the Android side of things on their Touchpads already have dozens of podcast options to listen to. It's really of no use since those podcasts actually follow the Android world 24/7 and have the most up-to-date news, information, and app/games reviews out there.

    Keep in mind webOSRoundup, this site's main competitor, had a very large audience for their podcast and still couldn't see fit to continue because it wasn't worth it to them as the platform was dying and the numbers of people using webOS were evaporating rapidly as they still are today. Not to mention, well, this site doesn't do their own anymore, either. There's just not enough going on anymore to justify putting the effort into condensing it into an hour-long (!) podcast, much less a half-hour or even 15 minutes.

    It's a nice (as in nostalgic) idea to bring back the webOS podcasts, but I just don't see the audience nor material to make it something a lot of people are going to be dedicated to either participating in or following. If you don't mind doing it for a couple dozen people on a regular basis, by all means run with it but 1) keep your expectations in check because it's never going to be terribly popular, and 2) don't do it for the numbers of people tuning in; do it because that's just what you want to do.
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    Actually, if some blokes from webOS Internals and the Open webOS project also came around, this would be interesting. I don't know if they want the extra visibility, but I feel like I only have the vaguest notion of what's going on with that stuff these days. Perhaps even a monthly fireside might be nice to gather more interest and excitement.
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    Ok, I understand that the lack of solid WebOS material maybe a hinderance but we do have devices to talk about and it doesn't always have be WebOS related it can also have stuff going on like the android ports and such and we could condense it into a short 30 min project. So to Derrick Kessler, If you are interested in this or rather if anyone is who would like to try and see this prospect get on the front page for our Nation to see then let the voices be heard.!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by etphoto View Post
    There is a Mobile Nations podcast which Derek is one of the participants, I assume to give WebOS news. I only listened to one eposide and he didnt talk much. Lol, I assume because of the lack of news.

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    Lack of news? So the development happening in the community and webos-internals isn't news-worthy?
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    Lack of news? So the development happening in the community and webos-internals isn't news-worthy?
    Sure its news worthy. But who wants to take the time to produce a five minute podcast?

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    There really isn't much they could discuss on a weekly basis. Sure there are always some interesting things going on with the Homebrew community but I don't think you could make much of a regular podcast out of it. If you give a listen to AC, iMore, MN, The Verge, Engadget, etc they can blow through a LOT of news in an hour and even then sometimes you just want them to move on to the next topic.

    A regular webOS Nation podcast probably wouldn't get much traction. Even on the Mobile Nations podcast whenever Derek is on it usually amounts to, "Nothing new here" or "webOS is partly functional on *insert device here*."

    What WOULD be cool is if, to match a slower news cycle, there was a podcast that came out quarterly or so that mostly did interviews with people in the Homebrew community like webOS Internals or Ports. Knock out a 30-40 minute interview and keep it to the point to avoid dragging.
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    Or everyone could just get on google hang out and talk about webos. get a few high profile webos, enyo, homebrew, and internals developers and then have derek as host lol.
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    Why don't people simply do their own?
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    Would be great to hear Derek and Dieter do one more podcast, if only to take stock of the changes over the past year. I'm sure the Verge wouldn't mind loaning him out for such a broadcast...
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    So....maybe we can get Mr Kessler to chime in on this? are you interested?
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    Resuming a regular PalmCast is something we consider regularly.

    As many have mentioned, there's the question of what we would talk about. Yes, there's plenty happening with the folks at WebOS Internals and Ports, but due to the homebrew nature it's not exactly proceeding at a rapid pace. We could space out the podcast from weekly to monthly, but then we run into talking about news that's weeks old and no longer news.

    It's something we'll continue to evaluate and reevaluate. We really enjoy doing it, but at this point the return on investment isn't what it used to be.
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    I mean I guess you guys would be the experts at pacing and structure of it, it's just I feel that the whole thing could work on a Monthly basis as opposed to weekly to keep pace with what is going on, and I would be fine with it just being a ten to fifteen segment on whats gone on on the site such as app of the week, android port news or even devices running open webos even cool accerories to use and such just anything would be fine. I just don't like the notion of the site falling out of relevance.
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    Also to Cgk I mean it would work to do one with people but It would need a home and whats not better than here? I mean the entire active community is here in one place.
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    For what it's worth, this along with the webOS roundup podcasts, were the best podcasts for me to listen to.

    I listen to Engadget mobile, vergecast, verge mobile podcast, and Android Central. Let me tell you, there isn't anything like listening to a focused podcast talking about a few mobile devices focusing on one common platform, like we had with webOS. The folks over at the other mobile podcasts keep focusing on the minutia details about small hardware specs like where the damn power button is located or the thickness of a device, and rarely talk about what matters to people who use mobile devices like apps, or even to go into developers thought processes behind apps they've created.

    These were special attributes to the webOS community. I dearly miss them.

    Back to the Android world I go...

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