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    Found this is my Google news feed today:

    tl;dr - The Chinese will cause a tilt and shift in the smartphone market.

    Will Apple, Google and Samsung lose the smartphone market?

    HP's WebOS, acquired from Palm, is still a potential factor, especially since HP plans to release an open-source version called Open WebOS.

    Note that all of these platforms -- Tizen, Firefox OS, Ubuntu Linux and Open WebOS -- are Linux-based and all or most will be relatively open compared with Android.
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    The article is not very good or accurate. The Nexus One was made by HTC not Samsung and the write originally thought the Nexus S was made by HTC. Also It missed a few of other new OSs that factor in, and finally Open webOS is already out. The writer say HP PLANS to release Open webOS. I think ComputerWorld should stick to big computers, or get better writers

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