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    In the definitive guide to backing up/restoring (The Definitive Guide to Backing up and Restoring your webOS Device | webOS Nation) article, it states:

    Note that once you update to webOS 2.0 or higher, your profile will no longer be able to be loaded onto a webOS 1.x device.

    I want to try switching from my current Pixi Plus (version 1.4.5) to a Pre 2 (version 2.x), but I want to be able to put my profile back on the Pixi if the Pre doesn't work out.

    Does the above warning mean I can't go back to the Pixi using the profile stored on the HP server? I have a copy of Palmdatabase.db3 from my Pixi stored on my computer. Could I just use WebOSQI to restore the profile from that or will this conflict with the HP profile when I re-activate the Pixi into wireless service?
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    I decided just to start a new profile. Don't want to mess up the one for the Pixi with different OS.

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