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    In russian forum someone seems to have managed to launch Android as an app on a Pre3. Video with annoying sound inside:

    via webosfrance:

    We'll see if this is a fake or if they even manage to do this on TouchPad.

    Not as cool as having droid apps run in cards instead getting OS running in card. But to use some android apps it would be enough for me
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    Here's the russian forum link from the webosfrance story, anybody able to translate?
    Android CM7/CM9
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    Interesting. Pretty sluggish at this point, but looked legit. The slideshow after the video appears to show a touchpad, but since they are still pictures, it isn't as convincing.
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    Google Translate

    Wifi seems to be working, but he'll stop development till feb.

    but just found here is the link to "our" thread on this topic:
    (which has some nasty posts about this efford)

    I still think we have not many short term options, so beeing able to run some android apps on webOS would ease the need to switch to another plattform completely. So till OpenwebOS is easy installable on modern phone HW and has minimum all the functions webOS 2 has right now, i would take a dive into droid on webOS.
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