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    I finally gave in and upgraded from my Pre 2, to the galaxy note 2 when it became available through verizon. I guess this post is more my opinion on android vs webOS.

    Obviously the galaxy note 2's hardware is hands down better than the pre 2. it is a big phone, but is about half as thick as the pre 2, so it feels smaller in my pocket, even though it is much taller and wider.

    The operating systems though, not like i had expected it to be. Webos seems to be so much more smooth and simple. Android may offer more options, but those options are restricted and there seems to be an extra step to most things. the galaxy note 2 does lack a physical keyboard, so that does account for some extra steps. the home screen shortcuts on the note 2 resemble webos almost exactly, but the multiple windows give more space, which are tough to customize because they are restricted. I have not rooted my phone, since i want to keep the warranty until it expires. webos supports flash out of the box! i had to find a work around since flash is not longer available in the google app store. even then it doesn't work as well as the webos browser. the firefox browser is better than the stock android browser, but it still isn't as smooth. basically the 4g and quadcore processor are what make android browsering seem faster. The app store was and is the main reason i switched phones and didn't return the note 2 a few days after i got it. having the abundance of apps really does help make things easier with day to day activities. The gesture area i miss so very much! Everything would be so much easier to navigate if android jelly bean had this feature! Even the pen on my treo 755p was smoother to work with than this one! I thought to copy and paste something would be simple. Nope! the s pen is nice, just over complicated…

    So the past articles that i've read on this site talking about how android is already becoming more like webos and how so many webos guys have left to work for android, well, they still have a long way to go to beat webos!! the grass isn't really greener on this side, its just a different shade of green and is watered more often to keep it healthy...

    i know my examples are vague and i'm sure there are a lot of examples i left out, but i really had to vent about how much i miss webos! i still play around on my pre 2 from time to time. still works great on wifi. Everyone who is involved with supporting webos and making it better, please don’t give up! This will be an amazing underdog story someday!! Palm/WebOS will live again!!
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    It's extremely easy to root a Samsung device (with Odin), and it's just as easy to take it back to stock-firmware, and reset the flash counter, so they can't tell you've rooted. (Look around YouTube, there's some good tutorials/video walk-thrus on how to do things) Flash you can get directly from Adobe, and sideload it. I used to find it cumbersome navigating around, but guess I'm used to it now. l keep my most used apps in three docks of seven, so I'm pretty quick when I want to be.

    If you do decide to check out some ROM, (this will save you some grief), use Chrome browser, and download them direct to your phone over WiFi.....most important part is using Chrome. I haven't had any corruption problems using that method.

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