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    Today I created a new webOS account (from within Impostah) for a Palm Pre Plus 2.1.0 (which is in developer mode).

    On the HP / Palm page I can visit my new account and it displays:
    WebOS Account Status: Pending Verification
    Ok. So far I did not get a verification email for this new account.
    So - I now used this link to request a new verification email:
    Resend Verification
    Receive another email with a link to verify this webOS account.

    Verification email was sent successfully
    But still after one hour I have not received such email from HP / Palm.
    I verified that my email account works ok and I did receive other test mails from myself.

    Does HP really (re)sent "Verification email" for new webOS accounts ?
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    Quote Originally Posted by MartinH@webos View Post
    Does HP really (re)sent "Verification email" for new webOS accounts ?
    Yes, now I can answer my own question.
    Yes, HP does send these emails.

    At least now - hours later - I received emails from HP.
    First - after I defined my "Security Question" at the web - I received a related email within minutes from "HP webOS" with subject: "Your security information has been updated".

    Then I did another "Resend Verification" request and again within minutes I received also a related email for that with a subject "webOS account verification - save as reference".

    So far I did not receive as many emails as I requested them - so I assume a few requests were lost or emails were not delivered for some reason.

    At least now my new account displays: "WebOS Account Status: Email Verified"

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