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    Looking at just the pictures, it's amazing how much it looks like my HP Mini (1033cl) netbook.... the outside clamshell's shape and the layout of ports on the side are almost identical.
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    Not the first, and probably not the last, patent from Palm along those lines: Palm files patent for dockable cell phone netbook tablet... thing; Update: Filed in 2001 | webOS Nation
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    Never mind, its the Foleo

    Compare fig 3 to foleo pics.

    Be really cool to get the Foleo to work as a webos phone display and keyboard or even replace the screen with a touchpad (like the Dockintosh

    .......too bad a Foleo is 400 bucks
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    Quote Originally Posted by mattmers View Post
    .......too bad a Foleo is 400 bucks
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    Got me into searching for trademarks. Look at how many other TouchPad versions there could be (middle of the page): Record List Display

    Interesting to know that trademarks for "Made for {webOS device name here}" registrations are still live.
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    Quote Originally Posted by xandros9 View Post

    could this be priced on brand name recognition ?? It is Amazon

    anyway its a cool looking device!
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