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    I guess you refer to Sprint in the US and it's CDMA system.

    My understanding is that the OP was sceptical of the openwebOS project and favoured maintenance of the existing equipment. In general, the responses seemed to agree that this approach would ultimately be a development cul-de-sac and the open source project, if not an ideal situation, was the only game in town with a future.

    The development efforts seem slow, so any benefits of it that can bug fix or improve the experience with the hardware that's out there would help keep us all onboard until there is a new webOS on new hardware.

    As a far as I'm aware, openwebOS is 'ready' as a generic system, but needs work for any specific hardware - at this time, the Gnex reference (documented) device. This work is being done by webOS ports, while others develop features of the generic system to bring out the potential we all see in webOS.

    If the Gnex hardware is entirely open, then that port may also be fully open source, but if webOS again becomes a consumer product, certain (most?) hardware configurations will be proprietary and will necessarily contain closed code to run that hardware. If things go well and new webOS phones start to gain market share, carriers will follow the money. I think the Pre was first released on Sprint and even if they remain wary of HP, they would deal with someone else and a webOS sprint handset would appear again - even if the CDMA part of it wasn't open. So, yes, now it's GSM only, but in the future...

    I think stock Android on the Nexus is open source. Other phones have tweaks from manufacturers and carriers that maybe aren't. Presumably Google offer Nexus so that the home brewer can play and any useful development can feed back into the core. This is why I suggested a reference device for webOS - even if it's just a spec or virtual device at first. Of course, Android has the largest share of users and percentage-wise, home developers.

    I just read Derek Kessler's latest post about ecosystem. I've never heard of 'continuous client' before, but I feel this echoes my previous post. If webOS is to get back in the market, it needs an ecosystem and a user base and I hope that if any HP/Gram decision makers follow these forums, they offer any fixes, new features, upgrades and retro (Classic/PalmOS) stuff they can find to the users. Then Mr Kessler can write it up, we can play with it and in some cases, develop it so there is a feeling of progress. When webOS finally makes it to new devices, what's left of the user base will be buying them and evangelising the system. I think everyone here is hoping for, rather than betting on webOS and it needs all the help it can get.

    Feel free to correct any wrong assumptions I've made here.
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    Actually I'm thinking, that similar to how we have teams working on lunaCE and or webos ports we could have some developers who would form a team to concentrate on maintaining and or fixing/updating patches and apps for current devices.

    They could start a thread where we could make suggestions and list problems etc. Like picking up from where other developers left off when they quit.

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    Totally, but I think a team or even one person at Gram would be best placed to do this. Someone who keeps an eye on Preware and says, "Hey nice app - better than the stock one." , "Good Patch", etc. Offer the dev a deal of money or at least credit (possibly even royalties if the stuff will roll forward to new products).

    HP/Gram (presumably) having valid licenses for the proprietary code in original webOS will have an easier time adding it in and also of course, access to any useful stuff that Gram itself is doing.

    I'm thinking of the windows update and service packs as a model. Grampacks? Adding new weight to your OS!
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    Quote Originally Posted by etphoto View Post
    My old devices still work. ... Even though I admit it sucks, I have settled on the fact my Pre2 and TP will have no improvements to their installed OS. I have made a donation in the past, but with money being tight, any more money coming out of my pocket will probably be put toward another plateform. As someone else already mentioned, donate to who u wish.
    This is exactly why WebOS Internals (and the WebOS Ports sub-project) has always asked for donations *after* we have released something, or for server hardware or porting hardware (yes, it costs money just to keep the existing set of Preware packages available), never asking for donations for potential future work, which may or may not ever eventuate.

    FYI: just in the last week we have given patch approval authority to another patch developer (GMMan), so things are not static.

    BTW, our donation link is ;-)

    -- Rod
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    I'm very late to this game. I bought a used Pre 2 in April, 2012. Now I have a Veer and a TouchPad as well.

    I don't mind paying for retro Apps so long as they work. I've purchased a few - including Picsel Smart Office which is fairly costly for an App, but it works and they seem to support the platform in that area better than anyone else has.

    I have Preware Documentation and the WOSQI guide.

    I bought a couple Apps and threw a few small donations around when it was "Buy an App Day." One of the Dev's I donated to that day sent me an eMail asking why I sent him 1 Euro. LOL.... I replied it was buy an App day and I was sending a donation because I love his free App.

    When the Web-a-Thon was on I gave a decent amount.

    Nothing wrong with supporting what was.

    Nothing wrong with supporting what might be, as well.

    I feel that I've entered into this webOS thing with a pretty clear idea of what had just happened and the realization that in the long run nothing concrete might ever come out of Open Source webOS.

    I wouldn't take back a penny of what I've spent, even if it all goes away tomorrow.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rwhitby View Post
    BTW, our donation link is ;-)
    -- Rod
    O hai. Nearly forgot about good old preware with all the MojoWhatsApp raving and the webos-ports news coming in. But... here you go.

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