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    I have been trying to purchase QuickChat for Facebook on a Pre2 and Pre3 with Carrier Billing but it always fails saying it to "transaction is in progress" Try to download the app in a few minutes. You will not be charged again. But it never seems to work. I've called AT&T about it and they can see the failed purchase but they can't seem to help me fix it. Anyone else seen something like this?
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    On 11/14/2012 I purchased QuickChat using the credit card tied to my Palm profile. I believe I had trouble getting it to download initially but was able to download it to my Pre3 and Touchpad.

    Today I was going to purchase Angry Birds Seasons and it failed. I selected several other games and they failed as well. Not sure what is going on. Sounds like an issue with HP.
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    I'm having the same issue when trying to purchase an app from the app catalog.

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