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    As Synology uses some kind of usaer agent detection for accessing the DSM webaccess for mobile phone (DSMmobile ) we webOS users have to use the full blown standard DSM site to adminstrate our NAS.

    I searched for some browser user agent switching and webosinternals had a nice step by step tutorial.

    That way i managed to access the DSMmobile interface just with the same link you would access the normal DSM webaccess. You can always also change to the standard version within the DSMmobile.
    Sometimes the UI hangs a bit but for usual quick tasks it is great. I haven't tested if an Android user agent string would put out another interface (cause this one here is very iPhone styled).

    Perhaps it would even be possible to write a small access app that just sends the user agent string for iphone only within the app so we could have an own synology admin app, without changing the ua for the whole browser.

    For your ease of use i added the whole uatokens directory as uatokens.tar.gz, just remove the .zip naming (only for uploading here). Included there the iphone tokens and an unmodified 2.2.4 browser-app.conf.
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