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    (touch pad) am using (WebOSQuickInstall-4.4.0) and am trying to install app or themes on my touchpad but it takes long time ( installing >>>>) then i waited like 20min and nothing happened it keeps installing and nothing else happens so plz help me with that
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    Do you have dev mode turned on?
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    are the themes your installing actually made for the touchpad, many likely dont work as their made for phones, maybe take a gander at the Theme manager thread or wiki for a better and safer theme solution for your touchpad.

    Application:ThemeManager - WebOS Internals
    Touchpad Keyboard Themes - >> Click Me <<
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    yes i have the phone set to dev.mode >>>and yes am downloading the touchpad themes
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    What themes exactly are giving you issues? Can you give the name of one as an example?
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    neon theme 9 the blue one )
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    I'm pretty sure you that it isn't a TouchPad theme.

    If you want to appy themes for your TouchPad, try looking through our Themes forum for those indicated for that device and then following the directions for the Theme Manager app to install (instead of using WOSQI)

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