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    Is there any app out there saving last location (gps data, mobile tower data, all wifi SIDs around) when battery is getting empty and another time directly before shutdown, to a server (best case some kind of node.jsjsjs/$php$ $running$ $on$ $the$ $own$ $NAS$ $or$ $else$ $server$ $or$ $worst$ $case$ $a$ $google$ $table$ $or$ $commercial$ $3rd$ $party$ $server$.

    Just found the idea here:
    Android-App sichert Gerätestandort kurz vor Batterieausfall | heise online
    Die Smartphone-Alarmanlage | Technology Review

    here for you englisch guys
    Lookout’s Signal Flare Helps You Find Lost Android Phones That Have Dying Batteries | TechCrunch

    Forget about all the security stuff in the lookout app, i just think that a "location save"-service would be very nice for webOS users as battery is always a problem and we are not able to rebuy our devices. So knowing where it was last time the battery died would be essential. Could also be expanded to - send data the first time the device has power after a batteryempty-emergency shutdown state (so you know where somebody charges your device again )
    Could be a problem to run as service though like with all background operation in webOS, but perhaps someone can pin it to the reaching of battery states (listed in dr. battery, calibration)

    Is there anything out there for webOS, or what do think of the idea at all?
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    when i think about it, why using a server, sending this data via email would also be ok.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gizmo21 View Post
    when i think about it, why using a server, sending this data via email would also be ok.
    Indeed: I wouldn't install an app that sends my location to who knows which server...
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    Hmm... I was thinking of making a tracking program through remote Novacom... But anyway, as an app, you'd need to answer the location request before it can get your location, so the best there is you get an email but no location data if you're not around. Chances are there are some Palm internal service calls that can provide the data without needing to answer the prompt.

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