I've recently got a hold of a Palm Pre- (P100UEU), and I immediately put webOS 2.1.0 on it (I followed the WebInternals guide). Everything works great except App Catalog. When I run it, the app starts with a gray overlay and wheel spinning. In the background one app image loads in the top left position (facebook, but it was tunein radion the other day).

I was hoping to bypass this using App Tuckerbox, but it says it doesn't work on Pre-/Pixi-. I tried it anyways but no luck (now I need to reinstall preware ).

Is there some way to fix this? Is anyone else experiencing this? Is it because of the lack of memory in Pre-? I can use the App Gallery here to open the catalog with a specific app, and install it, but it has some problems with sorting, and it's less than ideal on the phone.

P.S. The phone and the OS rock