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    So I've been away from WebOS for a year now and been missing it ever since i went Android. I'm on Sprint with the Motorola Photon. I have it tweak as much as i can to mimic WebOS but its not the same. So about 2wks ago i start searching to see if the FrankenPre option still is viable. Then today i see this article on Android Central about this HP Bender!!!! IT'S A FREAKIN PRE!!!! RUNNING ANDROID!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! HP has really sold its soul now. First you kill one of the best mobile phone platforms that others still can't get right and you sell its body!!! For shame!!!!
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    LOL... if you are referring to the image in the article, that's just Photoshopped.
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    actual Pre's can't really run android.
    The closest is the Touchpad, which works, and the Veer, which isn't really good for normal usage

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