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    Now I remember why I don't bother putting any of my music collection on my phone.

    What a flaming pile of crap. I pity non-technical users dealing with this thing.

    The WebOS developers should have:
    1) not bothered at all with trying to merge with itunes back in 2009.
    2) talked to the rockbox folks on how to PROPERLY run an indexing service in the background.

    And who's absolutely brilliant idea was it to use an indexer for every !@#$ image and pdf file on the device rather than let those apps just point to the directories you are interested in? Since adding my music collection, which has album art in each directory (again, rockbox does this right with album art in directories vs. tags in the mp3s, but the latter is an option as well), I now have a crapton of images in my image viewer that I really don't need to see listed there.

    Horrible engineering. Catering to "dumb users" who don't understand a simple directory, so they run this !@#$ indexer thing (which is broken as hell anyway) instead? Gah!!
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