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    I loved my Centro, and the earlier lllxe . I really enjoyed moving to the Pre+. Most of my phone wishes came true with the Pre2. Sadly, I think the time has come for me to move on.

    What I love about the Pre2 -
    • Just Type - makes it so easy to find anything on the phone or web
    • Synergy
    • Touchstone - plugging it in to charge seems so backwards
    • Ringer switch - apparently it is rare these days
    • Comfortable to hold as a phone - right size, slight curve,etc
    • real keyboard
    • Vertical slider, instead of horizontal
    • tether my Touchpad - not often, but I need this several times a year.
    • It just works. Friends with other phones spend twice as long to do the same thing, or have to reboot the phone several times a day, unsure if ringer is on or off...seems to be lots of daily annoyances. I value the set it and forget it simplicity of the Pre 2

    Now my contacts are hopelessly scrambled - no matter what I remove/reinstall, they continue to scramble. I was dealing with that...reluctantly, but dealing. Yesterday one of my MUST have apps quit working. This particular app is so important that I cannot imagine Monday coming without it. I know there is nothing on WebOS that can replace it, so I am looking at possibly getting a new phone this weekend.

    I know there are a few things that are must haves:
    • Verizon
    • Android - may end up putting it on the Touchpad too, but also don't like Apple's closed universe.
    • Good phone - first and foremost, it is a phone. I cannot use a headset, so how it feels to talk on is critical.
    • Reasonable size - it's a phone, not a tablet. I clip the phone to my belt - always with me, never falls out of pocket, etc. a 5" tablet just wouldn't work.
    • Durable - dropped naked Pre2 face down on concrete...not a scratch
    • Must work with Exchange & Google (email, contacts, Calendar, etc)
    • Better camera - the worst thing about the Pre2 IMO If I have to move, there needs to be one thing that works better.
    • I don't care about playing music or videos or watching TV so 'amazing' graphics or sound is lost on me. Can I see it day or night? Is the print a reasonable size?

    I feel like I have been spoiled the past few years. I am not happy about moving on, but it appears to be time to do so. Which phone would be best? At this point I am open to any suggestions that meet my basic requirements.
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    Idk, you've got 3 options, well 4 if you count BB.

    I switched about a year ago. Tried WP7 for about 25 days and switched to a 4s before my 30 day return window was up. IOS bugged the crap out of me, not sure what it was I didn't like. Wife and I both switched back to WP7 a couple of weeks ago and couldn't be happier. I have CM9 on my TouchPad and am not liking android too much, BUT I would recommend you install it on your touchpad to get a feel for android before moving to or counting out android. Just keep in mind that CM9 isn't an official android solution, so some of the flakiness of it may not be Android's fault!

    My recommendation would be a Nokia WP8 (with PureView if available) or Android with Jelly Bean.

    Only issue with WP8 is that you have to wait till September for devices as WP7 devices won't upgrade to WP8!
    MS/Nokia are having an event in NY on Sep. 5, should be WP8 device announcements, I'm hoping for a PureView device as its camera is on par with stand alone point and shoot cameras.

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    Update: ended up with Incredbile4G. I liked the size (smaller), seems pretty intuitive. Got an otterbox case so no problem with durability

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