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    Samsung needs to drop Android for Webos.

    Memo could sink Samsung
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    most companies dont want to rely on anothers product, they all want their own flagship os/hardware/spyware(customer improvement features*).

    even if webOS appealed to them and was utterly free they would likely still try to reinvent the wheel in their own image and call it their own.

    it would be nice but its wishful thinking, just take HP as the benchmark of stupidity, they "had" a good team, some good tech/software and should have sunk more cash into palm's side of things, instead, sinking more cash into buying Autonomy and wanting to take leo's new path/vision which didnt include the webOS/Smartphone/tablet/PC divisions.

    there is always the case of "what they should do" and "what they actually did", most often these days due to impatience and greed a lot of companies (well at least their "experts" and board) take the "what they actually did" which ends of being a complete disaster.
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