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    Thought about it further and i came to the conclusion that the only company at this point which has the resources and might have the interest to develop a platform based on webos and that could in many ways represent an alternative to Android and Windows for many OEMs is Amazon.
    The structure and phylosophy of webos meets perfectly Amazon's soul and Bezos' company has already a strong platform which can in an extremely high way compete to Microsoft, Apple and Google's ones.
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    Here we are! HP is reinventing the wheel.

    Understanding the plan it's left to the future but all the people who still works at webOS, open or not, or the people who cares about it has now a company to refer to: Gram.
    As they present it a very pure software company.
    I guess they'll drive the open tecnology into some projects with the goal of spreading around webOS to anyone who wants to produce hardware on top of it. No more Palm (maybe better). Not a HP product (even if the new startup it's at the moment fully owned from them).
    It might even be a smart move. Let's stay tuned.
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