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    I randomly came across this video today and it brought back memories. I remember watching this video at work as it happened. Or at least followed updates on PreCentral as it happened. I dont remember which. But I miss the good old days.

    This is also a good one:
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    I was late to the Party. I was introduced to the world of smartphones through a first gen iPod touch in early 2008, and I got an iPhone 3G a year later.

    But when I saw this on YouTube it was a revelation!

    I now jump back and forth between a Pre3 and an iPhone 4. I love the Pre (despite some annoying bugs) and I can't wait to see what happens when webOS goes fully open sourced.

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    I remember hearing about the new phone and then watching this and just hating that (at the time) I was on AT&T and it was only on Sprint. I had to wait a year til I was able to get the Pre Plus after I switched to Verizon. That sucked. Lol

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