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    Quote Originally Posted by tholap View Post
    Amazon has very specific and unique interests in a platform. Amazon is not trying to compete head-on over full-featured tablets and has nothing at all in the smartphone market. Amazon sells ebook readers and portable virtual storefronts that happen to also do some tablet stuff (and after some early hype not too successfully later from what I gather).
    I agree. Amazon is just a good example that it's perfectly possible for a manufacturer to take Android and roll their very own version.
    Quote Originally Posted by tholap View Post
    And maintaining your own fork is costly. If it were easy and cheap to develop and maintain an OS - everybody would have their own and never would have bothered with sharing Android.
    I agree. Developing, maintaining and supporting Open webOS devices would also be costly, though.
    Quote Originally Posted by tholap View Post
    I agree about the lack of a competitive ecosystem. That's why I believe that *if* HTC (or Samsung or Sony) ever go with webos - they'll use ACL.
    Yes ACL is very promising and could at least soften the app problem. There's more to an ecosystem than apps running on a compatibility layer, though.
    Quote Originally Posted by tholap View Post
    That might actually be raletively easy. Intercept the system call to an Android notification - display as a webos notification. The devil might be in the details - but it's doable.
    It's probably doable. But compatibility layers almost always have problems and also add a layer off additional bugs and performance issues and so on.
    We'll just have to wait and see how good everything is integrated. I personally wouldn't and won't bet too much money on ACL being the revelation for webOS.
    Quote Originally Posted by tholap View Post
    Does it matter? As long as the apps are available customers won't care much how the App market/catalog is named.
    What it's called naturally does not matter. There just has to be an easy-to-use solution for the regular user (not us who know how to install apps via usb cable and command line) to buy and use apps. Again we'll just have to wait and see. Maybe the ACL guys or webOS Internals or anyone else could set up an Android market and distribute the market app via HP App Catalog.

    Quote Originally Posted by tholap View Post
    Maemo/Meego/Tizen - it's all different generations of the same thing.
    Moblin + Maemo -> Meego
    Meego - Nokia -> Tizen

    Nokia did Maemo, Intel had Moblin - they joined forces and called it Meego.
    After Nokia dropped out, Intel said they would continue and called it Tizen. No idea why they think they have to come up with a new name every other year.
    Yes they share some DNA, but you can't seriously say good old Maemo Fremantle is the same OS as Tizen! And Harmattan is neither Maemo nor pure Meego. Tizen is another animal yet again, it doesn't even have QT.

    Quote Originally Posted by tholap View Post
    I wouldn't be surprised if they merge with Bada in a few months and produce yet another new name. UPDATE: No new name yet - but Samsung already announced that they will merge Bada into Tizen. :-)
    Yes I'm very tired of the endless merging and renaming and restarts. I'll never get how Nokia let a successful, mature, Linux based mobile OS that has already seen a handful of generations die. Sad.

    Quote Originally Posted by tholap View Post
    And yes - webos is far ahead of Tizen. Whatever is still left of webos and it's devices is still more and had more widespread use than Tizen has.
    Far ahead of Tizen, I completely agree. I wouldn't be surprised if there will never be any actual Tizen phones.
    I wouldn't say it's far ahead of Maemo or Meego. I definitely like it better but as I said Maemo is really good too.

    Quote Originally Posted by tholap View Post
    They tried - just weren't willing to beat HP on price.
    Now webos will be available for $0 in a few months. Obviouly there are costs later for fine-tuning and marketing.
    It won't be 0$ for them in the end. BTW we don't even know if Open webOS has feature parity with 3.0.6 (or 2.2.4).
    Both options (Open webOS or their own Android version) would cost them money. At least they already have Android expertise. And Android already has the apps without any layers.

    Quote Originally Posted by tholap View Post
    Again - I'm not betting on anybody producing dedicated webos hardware. But I can see how it might happen and why there might be demand for it.
    Me neither. I think the chances aren't so high though. I guess I'm just a little more pessimistic than you.

    Quote Originally Posted by tholap View Post
    Also this market is somewhat volatile atm. A lot will change in the next couple of years.
    Yes a lot is happening it's very exciting.

    Don't get me wrong, I'd love to see HTC or Samsung release webOS devices. I just don't think it will happen.

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    As I see it, probably the best chance for webOS with OEMs like HTC and Samsung is if HP lets them completely redesign the UI. Not because of the current UI, webOS is beautiful, but for "differentiation". Microsoft has strict rules about not skinning WP7, and Google is starting to exercise greater control of Android skinning. If it was easy for OEMs to slap their custom homecreens and colour schemes on webOS, then I'm sure they'd build a few phones with it.

    The trick will be designing open source webOS in such a way that the home screen and colour schemes can be easily modified by OEMs without causing update lag and fragmentation, as seen with android. If designed that way, it would also be easy (in theory) for users to revert to the standard webOS look.

    Overall, skinning would be good to attract the "Average Joe" type of customers, who'll see the huge HTC flip clock widget or whatever manufacturer skin and feel familiar with webOS, especially if the previously used android. The upside of course would be that there would be none of the usual problems ssociated wth android
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