I have a catalog of pdf files I received that included an html based index page to access them. The file names are cryptic so the index is the only easy way to be able to determine which is which. This concept works ok on a PC but when I load the whole thing onto a touchpad the link attempts to open another browser page expecting it to process the PDF file. What I want is to replace the HREF with something that will force the browser to actually open the PDF file in the correct application.

Any suggestions?

Here is an example of the code from the index.html file::

<A class=book HREF='../acrobat/book1.pdf' target='pdf'>
Book One TItle</A>

Note: The package came with an Excel file that has a cross reference listing also. Another possibility would be if there is a way to change the cell for the file name to a link that opens the pdf file. But...I have no idea how .