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    Dev's and faithful Users - Tweet why you're staying and love webOS!
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    Quote Originally Posted by CGK View Post
    He's just as blunt with recent comments on twitter:
    I wanted to be wrong. I wasnít. Itís time to let webSO and enyo die.
    Let it die? 3 months before the release to open source? I don't think so. I can understand his frustrations with what happened under HP's stewardship, but to give up now because HP wasn't able to make it work, a couple months before it gets open sourced and others will have an opportunity to try and make it work?

    I'm not sure I see how that makes sense.
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    Quote Originally Posted by marcedhk View Post
    What really strikes me is that most, if not all, the hard core developers I know are really goal-focused people. With Enyo 2 still incomplete and with open webOS just 12 weeks or so from release, for them to leave at this point - abandoning the effort, so to speak, makes me think they were either really worried about their job security, or really worried about whether there was much point in finishing things up.
    Interesting. So you think in the context of all these layoffs they thought HP would whittle the team down again once Enyo 2 was released and so therefore they decided to leave as a group? Could be, even if they thought it would be 1 or 2 people.
    Or maybe in the context that HP was gearing up to be an enterprise win8 tablet company and they did not want be the minority in that environment, waiting to see if any OEM would pick up webOS. Andreesen who championed open webOS said recently the bandwidth is not there yet for web apps.

    If anyone wants a ray of light, here's a positive tweet from enda from a few days ago, head of webOS developer team .

    enda mcgrath ‏@endamcgrath

    Day one of #OSBC complete met a lot of cool people. #webOS mentioned in a few of the talks. @fabricapo called it the best mobile OS

    9:13 PM - 21 May
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    Quote Originally Posted by bluenote View Post
    So Ben retweeted the webOS devrelations tweet yesterday at 5 pm and the tweet in his timeline before that was from someone asking if he is going to Google.
    Ben got promoted awhile ago --- so he was no longer webos dev relations. So the tweet didn't come from Ben --- even if Ben is staying.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dignitary View Post
    Major webOS devs James Harris (@erupnu), Zhephree (@zhephree), and Hedami (@hedami) are basically cutting bait and moving on it based on their Twitter feeds.

    When a platform loses the support of its highest-profile app devs (of the few that were left), that's game over.
    Zhepree, he's Carbon right? If so, he left already a few months back. Hedami also was unhappy and went to Android months ago but I think he found his webOS apps sold better.

    Yes I read James Harris's tweets and they are concerning. Lets see if he says the same after he learns more.

    Its ok to like webOS better than the tizen, shmizens and want it to succeed. Go Jason, Go Enda. Go team.
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    Quote Originally Posted by samab View Post
    Ben got promoted awhile ago --- so he was no longer webos dev relations. So the tweet didn't come from Ben --- even if Ben is staying.
    Ben retweeted it.
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    Front page comment from the guy who created paper mache:

    Posted by rwatkins on Fri, 25 May 2012 10:05 am EDT

    They didnt hire the webOS team, they hired some people off the Enyo team. Enyo is the JSJSJS $framework$ $for$ $the$ $application$ $UI$, $it$ $is$ $not$ $the$ $parts$ $of$ $webOS$ $that$ $implement$ $cards$, $notifications$, $multitasking$ $and$ $all$ $those$ $things$ $that$ $existed$ $in$ $webOS$ $1$ $and$ $2$ $before$ $Enyo$ $came$ $along$.

    Enyo is great, but its not those parts of webOS.
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    Still don't know why they left only a few weeks before end of project, would feel infinitely better if they completed it and then left, wondering if Google wanted to try to kill webOS before it debuted as openWebOS and so said leave now or we withdraw the offer.
    If they did so, they must consider webOS a threat, its more open than Android and if it gets all the android apps via OpenMobile, then Google has a competitor (who may also be cheaper).
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    Reflecting on all this a bit more, my view is this. If we were going to give up on webOS and walk away, the time to have done it was back in December when Chuq did. It makes no sense to have gone through the trials of the last 6 months and then decide to give up 3 months before the last real chance at regaining relevancy that the open sourcing will give us.

    Sorry, but you had your chance to throw the towel in 6 months ago, and you don't get your next chance until after the release in September!

    Come on guys, we're all geeks here - how can you forget the words we heard at the Black Gate from the lips of the mighty Aragorn in LOTR part 3?

    Here's the text for those who can't access YouTube at the office:

    "Sons of Gondor! Of Rohan! My brothers. I see in your eyes the same fear that would take the heart of me. A day may come when the courage of Men fails, when we forsake our friends and break all bonds of fellowship, but it is not this day. An hour of wolves and shattered shields when the Age of Men comes crashing down, but it is not this day! This day we fight! By all that you hold dear on this good earth, I bid you stand, Men of the West! "
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    Quote Originally Posted by techlover10 View Post
    I worry for the future of open webOS, I still want webOS to survive...
    there really isn't much of a future for webos anyways.
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    Quote Originally Posted by akitayo View Post
    the before webOS UI designer Matias Duarte is working some time ago now in Google .They will take advantage of webOS, in other words you will see Androids with cards for multitaskting and everything we know about the OS
    the chances of seeing cards in android are probably nill.
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    Maybe this is the optimist in me, but do you all really think HP would invest so much time and money into this if they didn't have something up their sleve? Whitman could have cut off webOS right when she got into office and made a fresh start. But she obviously saw someting with investing all of this time and money. Although HP does not have a good track record, Meg wouldn't try to release webOS as open source and just hope that a hardware manufacturer picks it up. There is a lot more going on than we know... Just saying... Keep believing! :-)
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    Guys what is your opinion about Chuq`s ?

    The Enyo team moves to Google
    By chuq | Published May 25, 2012

    Exclusive: HP’s core webOS Enyo team is going to Google | The Verge:

    The HP team responsible for Enyo — webOS’s HTML5-based application framework that debuted on the TouchPad — will be leaving the company and starting at Google shortly, The Verge has learned. What this means for the future of Open webOS is unclear;

    Congrats to Matt and the folks on his team moving to Google. They’ll do good things there, just as they did great things with Palm/HP and Enyo on webOS.

    I have no inside info, but I expect Matt had an open invite and it’s been on hold, probably since before I left. What caused him to finally pull the trigger, I don’t know — did they finally hit some point in the work where he felt he’d finished his commitment to stay? Was it this new round of layoffs?

    Whatever it was, this move was inevitable, and it’s impact on the future of Enyo is inevitable, too. I’ve been really careful to keep my mouth shut and not say anything that would sour the chances of webOS and Enyo, but you can guess given I was one of the first rats off this leaking ship that (a) I didn’t think much of the chances of success, and (b) this announcement doesn’t surprise me one bit.

    Both are true; I wanted to be wrong, but I can’t see any real future to Enyo or webOS under HP at this point, too much of the talent is gone. I’ll give HP and Meg full credit for doing whatever they could to try to make it work, but the HP culture is fundamentally broken in many ways and hostile to the words “nimble” and “innovation”, and both of those were needed for this to have any real chance of success.

    My view: “it’s dead, Jim”.

    And it’s sad to say that, but I don’t think we can pretend otherwise now.

    (sorry, Enda).
    Pass this along to your friends!

    The Enyo team moves to Google | Chuq Von Rospach, Photographer and Author
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    The key Chuq post is here where he says HP department heads dictated terms according to preservation of their power structure rather than dialogue. Sounds completely awful. On the other hand someone already posted as the first comment to his blog that they feel Whitman has already begun changing things (Chuq left before she came on, yes?).
    Somehow I feel this is the conversation that needs to be had at HP so good to have it out in the open.
    A couple of words about Meg….. | Chuq Von Rospach, Photographer and Author

    Newness Dev guy still on board, would buy his app Communities but already bought it
    Newness Developments ‏@newnessdevs

    I must say I'm all-in with @EnyoJS, as soon as they release SnapScroller and Carousel kinds. Until them, I will stop breathing.
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    chuq = sour grapes.
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    Quote Originally Posted by elopez View Post
    chuq = sour grapes.
    It doesn't sound that simple to me, since others have echoed his discontent and also since it was written the same week that the Autonomy team also left HP. Although I have no knowledge why.

    Regardless I love how the true webOS trolls just can't seem to stay away from us, even though they say that webOS is long dead and buried.
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    <<staff edit>>

    Quote Originally Posted by elopez View Post
    chuq = sour grapes.
    Chuq has done more for webOS than most people in the community. Sounds like he left on his own terms (as in he wasn't fired). He has kept his mouth shut for months about how he felt about HP and now because he says something about how it's a sinking ship he is a troll? He saw the signs and he got out. Simple as that.
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    "When I am weak I feel strong"

    webOS will come back re-birth, re- shaped , unbeatable with unthinkable features.

    There is a time window between yesterday and September 2012.
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    This should be interesting.
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    Look forward, not in the past.

    Shifty Axel still coding like mad, the guy who gave us the awesome wifi file sharing app.

    New tagline to devs:
    webOS, where you can make a difference.

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