Hey guys I have been trying something for the past few days tweeting to gameloft in reaction to the release of NOVA 3 and all their other new games. A few months ago i was emailing gamelofts customer support in this thread. Well they never got back to me and my pledge was to email/tweet them enough to eventually get some responses or some action on their part(i got busy with school and stopped). I know that its a long shot and they probly dont care about us or webOS but we paid for their products and this is BS.

Anyways heres my plan, back to my pledge. I will Tweeet to gameloft every so often, i will try atleast once a day. All i am asking is anyone who uses twitter to either follow me @h2o826 and retweet my messages or make your own @gameloft, i have been using the hash tag #longlongENYO at the end of my tweets. This is not a ploy for twitter followers i dont care, i only really use twitter to follow companies and as a news feed, i barely tweet, just usually questions. I just want multiplayer for our damn games. and if they port nova3 with multi, they have a buyers here im sure. You can check my profile for some of the things, i have had like 2 other people randomly tweet my stuff to gameloft and that kinda got me excited to go back to my commitment on bothering them.

So whos with me? tweet sample: @gameloft bring multiplayer to #webOS games, we are paying customers, its FREE money... #longliveENYO

respond to post to let me know whos on board, retweet mine if you dont want to think @h2o826