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    I'm not going to say anything that anybody here doesn't already really understand but...

    ...I'm sorry I'm not impressed by either Apple or Google's "ecosystem" having a trillion apps each in them when probably 90% of them (at least in the Google Play Store) are crap. Of course that still leaves 100 billion quality apps I guess There are likely only a handful of apps anyone actually needs, anyways.

    Case in point:

    MotoGP has an app specifically for the iPhone, but unless it streams live data during races (eh, maybe it does but you couldn't read the stream anyways) it's no real advantage over using feed reader plus I get emails with news updates from the site anyways.

    From what my wife tells me, the prices are usually better going through the Amazon MP3 store compared to iTunes.

    Verizon and AT&T are doing their best right now to kill all the advantages the iPhone and Android phones have over webOS. I'm grandfathered under the unlimited data plan right now but when I have to change my plan that will force me to stop using my Pre2 as anything other than a feature phone. Honestly if I'm at home I'm not going to do anything with my phone over wifi just to use the phone when I have tablets, laptops and pc's.
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    @SnotBoogie; Personally I don't have a single Apple product, simply because they offer nothing I want. My post was a comment about diving all-in on the Apple ecosystem, nothing else.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Daughain View Post
    @SnotBoogie; Personally I don't have a single Apple product, simply because they offer nothing I want. My post was a comment about diving all-in on the Apple ecosystem, nothing else.

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    What is the ecosystem?
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    Not being an Apple person, I can't explain all of it, but the best known part is iTunes integration across most, if not all, Apple products. I believe they have a cloud based backup service as well.

    I actually believe something like this was what Mark Hurd was trying to emulate when he announced webOS on HP devices.

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    Somehow, I doubt rnld really wanted an explanation.
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    Quote Originally Posted by xandros9 View Post
    But it is lacking in under-the-hood performance and stuff when compared to others.

    that was obviously enough to put off people.

    Even if it had lots of apps, webOS is lacking in polish and in dire need of optimization. Once optimized and can run with blazing speed, I think we have something.
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    As it is right now consumers want speed and the other platforms provide that in abundance.
    Plus, you know you can actually buy their products.
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    My daughter is taking a Beatles class in college and quickly became a fan of their music. She was planning a long drive and asked if she could copy my Beatles music off my ITouch. I use an older ITouch as the music source in my Jeep. She plugged the ITouch into her Mac laptop and tried using ITunes to get the music. Didnt work so she called an Apple "guru" she knew. They spent several minutes on the phone and she discovered that since my ITouch and her ITunes had different names she couldnt copy the music. I told her not to worry, plugged my Pre2 into her Mac and quickly copied the Beatles music. Great Apple ecosystem.

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    Quote Originally Posted by etphoto View Post
    ...she discovered that... she couldnt copy the music.
    Cant make it too easy to share music. It was designed to protect Apple's revenue stream and also to keep the music labels happy. It was a concession in order to get them on board w/ iTunes in the early days. Things are a bit different now.
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    That's like saying she wanted a copy of Microsoft Office. Someone can do it, but it violates copyright law.

    App makers don't want people sharing the apps they sell either.
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    In some ways, yes, the design of webOS is competitive. However, in a lot of ways, it's far, far behind all three competitors.

    I'm not just talking about apps, although that is true as well. But look at things like voice commands, music/movie stores, cloud storage, etc. which all other major platforms have built in, and webOS is unfortunately far behind.

    I loved webOS when I used it, and I miss quite a few things about it. It's just that it really is left behind a great deal in important arenas, and open-sourcing the OS (and not having any devices to put it on anyway), just won't help those things. I mean, for example, how would being open source get us iTunes Match/Zune type capabilities?
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