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    @ MODS: - yes this is about an app, but more than that it is about webOS in general so I have posted it here rather than the app forum. Hope that's OK. I want it to be seen by as many as possible.

    I have the AP Mobile app on my Pre 2. I use it all the time to get a quick fix of news nuggets.

    This morning when I opened the app I was greeted by a prompt screen that said "Lets Get Started." I can not recall if that came up when I first installed the app, but at any rate it was certainly new from the previous times I opened the app. And no, there was no app update or loss of saved data on my phone. Everything has been running as usual.

    The prompt asked my gender and age range to which I replied. Then, after answering, I was sent directly to the custom view of "My Front Page" as it is always set up.

    Has anyone else had this happen? I took it to mean that AP Support might be looking at webOS users to see who's logging in from their device and determining if it is worth supporting or updating a webOS app for their mobile site. I want to encourage them to continue supporting webOS so I sent the following email to


    I'm a user of your AP News Mobile app for webOS. When I opened the app this morning I was asked my gender and age range, to which I replied.

    I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for your interest in my demographic and express my appreciation of the fine application you have offered to an underserved platform. I rely on AP News Mobile to help keep me informed and entertained every day and often send links to your stories to friends and associates via sms text.

    Thank you, again, for supporting webOS and providing us with such a useful tool to enhance our mobile experience."

    I received this automated reply:

    "Dear AP Mobile User:

    Thank you for submitting your request to AP Customer Support.

    For all your AP Mobile support questions please refer to the following website: General FAQs AP Mobile which is ready for viewing on your mobile devices.


    Thank you,

    AP Mobile Customer Support"

    Note that the link to the FAQ page lists several devices BUT NOT webOS...

    I think it important that we make ourselves heard by the larger corporate world, just as we are heard here by concerned users, hobbyists and serious developers. Please, if you have the app, open it and reply to the demographic query if it comes up. Let them know you use their service via webOS device. If you are inclined, send a note as I did to let them know that webOS is a vital community.

    If I hear back from someone at AP other than a bot, I will post further discussions here.

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    Because of your post, I downloaded the AP News app. Not a bad news app, though I'll have to edit it for "full screen" on the pre 3 later. Last thing we need is to lose more support for webOS...
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    You made me download it....not bad at all....who doesn't want a "Wacky News" category in their newsfeed?
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    Got me to do it too! Funny thinks it will get location information from me...little does AP know that I have a Verizon Palm Pre+...getting reliable location info from me will be...a challenge!
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    I'm just a soul who's intentions are good...oh Lord, please don't let me be misunderstood!

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    Anyone having problems with tweeting an article? It doesn't like my login credentials, which I've re-entered numerous times.
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    WOW... an avalanche of 3 new users.

    I think the location is just to get your Local News set up on your front page. I always have GPS off unless I need it on for something specific and it being off hasn't stopped my Local News section from loading.

    Funny comment, Rockbeast.

    sledge, I NEVER Twit or Book my Face or nothin' like that so I can't help you there.

    I agree, Wacky News Rules!!!

    Thanks for helping to show AP News that webOS is alive and well (sort of... LOL - 4 verified users).
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