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    I had a lot of problems with the backup pre2 is backing up at 2 in change in the morning every day but my TP is a couple of days late and my girlfriends pre- just activated won't backup....I upgraded her Pixi which was stuck on the same date as my TP.....backup now sticks on preparing
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    you could deactivate backup (but this deletes previous backups on the server) and restart device and try again.

    perhaps there is a network/wifi/(firewall)problem with those non working devices, try changing other sim if applicable or change cell network to wifi (vice versa) for backup test.

    lastly if you have preware installed get the app lumberjack and set to follow log everything and start backup. There you perhaps can see the ERROR your backup recieves. Here is a log of a successful backup, perhaps here you find differences to yours:

    [2012-04-30 04:50:16] (keymanager[1171]) [keymanager] setCredentials request received
    [2012-04-30 04:50:16] (keymanager[1171]) [keymanager] setCredentials request for com.palm.service.backup
    [2012-04-30 04:50:16] (keymanager[1171]) [keymanager] account token obtained.
    [2012-04-30 04:50:16] (keymanager[1171]) [keymanager] backup info obtained.

    [2012-04-30 05:01:53] (BrowserServer) user.warning: In prebackup
    [2012-04-30 05:01:53] (BrowserServer) user.debug: preBackup '{"maxTempBytes":2097152,"tempDir":"/var/file-cache/backuptempdir/C/6x9rACXr/"}'
    [2012-04-30 05:01:53] (BrowserServer) user.notice: Backing up HTML5 database for com.palm.browserServer.cookies to /var/file-cache/backuptempdir/C/6x9rACXr/com.palm.browserServer.cookies-html5-backup.sql. modTime: 0, mods:0
    [2012-04-30 05:01:53] (BrowserServer) user.notice: Started dump of cookie:db to /var/file-cache/backuptempdir/C/6x9rACXr/com.palm.browserServer.cookies-html5-backup.sql, err: 0
    [2012-04-30 05:01:53] (BrowserServer) user.notice: Stopped dump of cookie:db to /var/file-cache/backuptempdir/C/6x9rACXr/com.palm.browserServer.cookies-html5-backup.sql, err: 0
    [2012-04-30 05:01:53] (BrowserServer) user.warning: sendPreBackupReply
    [2012-04-30 05:01:53] (BrowserServer) user.debug: Sending reply: for PreBackup
    [2012-04-30 05:01:53] (BrowserServer) user.debug: Database dump has started.
    [2012-04-30 05:01:54] (keymanager[1171]) [keymanager] keyInfo request received.
    [2012-04-30 05:01:54] (keymanager[1171]) [keymanager] keyInfo backup request for com.palm.service.backup
    [2012-04-30 05:01:54] (keymanager[1171]) [keymanager] keyInfo backup succeeded.
    [2012-04-30 05:01:54] (keymanager[1171]) [keymanager] fileEncrypt request received.
    [2012-04-30 05:01:54] (keymanager[1171]) [keymanager] fileEncrypt backup request for com.palm.service.backup
    [2012-04-30 05:01:54] (keymanager[1171]) [keymanager] file encrypt backup succeeded.
    [2012-04-30 05:01:57] (BrowserServer) user.warning: In postbackup
    [2012-04-30 05:01:57] (BrowserServer) user.debug: Sending empty reply:
    [2012-04-30 05:02:02] (keymanager[1171]) [keymanager] preBackup request received.
    [2012-04-30 05:02:02] (keymanager[1171]) [keymanager] 0 keys backed up
    [2012-04-30 05:02:02] (keymanager[1171]) [keymanager] PreBackup succeeded.
    [2012-04-30 05:02:02] (keymanager[1171]) [keymanager] fileEncrypt request received.
    [2012-04-30 05:02:02] (keymanager[1171]) [keymanager] fileEncrypt backup request for com.palm.service.backup
    [2012-04-30 05:02:02] (keymanager[1171]) [keymanager] file encrypt backup succeeded.
    [2012-04-30 05:02:04] (keymanager[1171]) [keymanager] postBackup request received.

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