Since I started this thread, I didn't realize that I have not voted! :-).

I really like the flow of webos versus android and ios. Having been using an iPad and the Touchpad booted in CM9. I must say I like it a lot more especially in the tablet form factor.

I am not on the road often, and I'm always on the desk or on the couch. Before the Touchpad came along, I was on my laptop most of the time. This changed when the Touchpad came along, I rarely boot my laptop now.

I use my phone when on the go too but when on. An out. Of town trip, I find myself using the Touchpad more too...

A small factor I might consider Is that there are more touch pads out there than pre3`s so support for it is more likely than the pre3. But that's not what this poll is about! :-)

But for me, the best webos experience is the Touchpad so it is more likely i replace my phone first than my tablet :-)