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    What does this poll say about WebOS?

    Not many of us WebOS Loyalists left or "I can't find anything better"
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    I'd love to go WP as I'm a Zune user. Sprint won't be picking up a new model til the fall, that's the only reason I don't have one. The new models are real clean. But I ordered the galaxy nexus, hope they make a webOS port to it once the open source hits.
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    I think the percentages of WebOS users on that graph is small, because there aren't many WebOS users to begin with. However, for the WebOS users that take time to look into the different OSs, I think most agree that Windows Phone is the closest thing to WebOS. WP is definitely the easiest OS to use--more so than iOS. I have had mine for almost a week now and just love it. The live tiles are super fun, and the OS is very sleek and easy to use. I do miss WebOS multitasking, but there are always pluses and minuses.

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