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    Its not a bad question.

    We have to wait to see the openwebOS product to see if there is any differentiator and/or if the community (webos internals et al) can help fix the issues so that it might make a compelling differentiated OS for one of the android clone hardware makers to pick up, especially if google favors motorola hardware.
    If a hardware manufacturer picks it up and devs like it because it will be more open than android, then I suppose HP might also participate with webOS hardware.
    An alternative path could be one of the television manufacturers chooses webOS over the awful clunky interfaces that exist now, thus webOS lives on in some strange way.

    But hard to say anything until July/Aug--that means 3-4 months more of waiting which is very very tough for the platform.
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    Apple sells hugh amounts of hardware and has a great ecosystem to back it up.

    Google sells advertising and has an ecosystem to make some $$$ but they give away the OS

    HP makes no devices and has no could someone explain WHY giving away webOS makes any business sense at all???

    Not that i'm complaining....just want the 11 webOS devices in the house to have a nice future

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