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    Even with HP not doing very much, it could get exciting around here. There needs to be a serious effort to put webOS on some existing (on the market) hardware. Still leaves other big issues to address, but even the hardcore fans are being left adrift because they can't get a phone to run their favorite OS on.

    Come up with a foolproof way to run webOS on one of the newer Android phones, and (even if it only ran what is currently available in the Palm app catalog) and this place would light up. Open source with no hardware has no value, open source with legacy Pre + or - hardware is going to leave us exactly where we are now, only 16 months further behind.

    Until HP (or someone) is willing to fund hardware development in some way, all the rest doesn't mean much.

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    It's hard to imagine that anyone building phones or tablets would go with WebOS.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rnld View Post
    It's hard to imagine that anyone building phones or tablets would go with WebOS.
    The only company that needs to build a device or devices for WebOS is HP period. So HP get off your sorry *** and build a quality phone and tablet optimised for WebOS.
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    what does that mean. Add supported?
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    oops. That question was for eblade
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    This is true. I used to post a lot when we were fresh and running the "marathon". With almost no new development (unless you understand the programming stuff), I just linger around and read other people's opinions. Back to the pre-2009 habit
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    Quote Originally Posted by garrydal View Post
    what does that mean. Add supported?
    It means that I'm going to try releasing a free app with ads, now that i've located an ad network that seems to like having webOS customers.
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    I, for one, will still buy a webOS app for my TP when one pops up that looks decent, if for no other reason than to support those that are willing to fight the windmills with me. Just bought that new mapping app today, for $.99, why not?

    And sign me up for your free app eblade!
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