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    Hi guys!

    If you love my Guitarist's Reference app for webos smartphone (Webos Nation reviews here), then I hope you will like the Desktop version

    This desktop version includes everything that you want to learn about Guitar. You can run this app on your TouchPad web browser.

    Your feedback is welcome. Thanks

    Regards, : The ultimate tool for beginner to advanced guitarists -
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    Love your mobile app; I bought it a while ago. As a beginnger guitarist, it's great.

    I'm at work right now...I can't pull the site up on our only (outdated) browser (IE7) nor my Pre3 (the splashscreen just shows the loading bar pulsating on and on; perhaps I'm not patient enough?). I was able to use it on Safari on my iPad (gen 1, not updated to iOS 5 yet).

    Pretty good - work just like the mobile app, more or less. Unfortuntely, this describes the playback function as well. A bit slow (I never use it on the phone because the wait is ridiculous). The chords sound more like an arpeggio than a chord. Is possible to have all the strings sound at once?
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